The Pretty Earrings That Go With Absolutely Everything


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In an age of ubiquitous mega-hoops and selfie-friendly statement earrings, simple studs don't always get the love they deserve. Even diamond studs—by nature some of the glitziest of the bunch—have recently been dismissed as "aging" and dull (not what we tend to be looking for in a jewelry purchase).

But we're here to defend the maligned accessory because if you know where to look, you can find styles that are both totally classic and cool enough to induce envy in others. Personally, I've had a rose-gold stud with a tiny white diamond and a delicate chain in my right lobe for a few years now (I have four piercings in that ear, but I basically only switch up the main one). One of the benefits to its nondescript size is it basically goes with everything, but the little details are special enough that it still gets a ton of compliments.

Whether you're shopping for a second, third, or seventh ear piercing or you just want to return to a more pared-down jewelry look, diamond studs could be just the answer you're looking for.

Keep scrolling to shop 16 pairs and solo studs from some of our favorite independent designers. We promise they're anything but basic.