This Cult '90s Catalogue Will Take You Back, With Unexpected Outfit Ideas


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If you grew up in Australia, you may not have heard of dELiA*s: The favourite fashion brand of American girls in the ‘90s. Filled with oddly poignant sayings, randomly capitalised letters, and a bunch of super-hip, slightly-angsty cool girls each dELiA*s catalogue felt like a new treat.

With all your favourite ‘90s styles, from crop tops to cargo pants, it was hard not to want everything in the dELiA*s catalogues back in the day. And those silk, empire-waist mini dresses? To die for.

While some of the styles may have been a little too edgy for your mum to get on board with back then, the good news is that the ‘90s look is backand assuming your parents don’t dictate your clothing purchases anymore, you’ve got free reign to purchase that velvet crop top now. And it will still feel fashionable!

Though days of dELiA*s past may have come and gone (we don’t fit into pre-teen apparel anymore), someone is doing their due diligence to the trend by creating a Tumblr page dedicated to archiving old catalogues. Put simply, they’re amazing. The scanned pages posted on are undeniably great archival material which could be put to great use in planning future outfits. Though the outfits are featured on youthful faces from pre-2000s, they do look eerily similar to what we’ve been seeing on some of our favourite fashion girls as of late.

To see a few of the pages yourself, and to shop our dELiA*s-inspired picks below, keep scrolling.


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