12 Summer Outfits You Already Own

No matter how much I shop—and trust me when I say that I shop a lot—it seems like more often than not, I still find myself feeling like I have nothing to wear. And while I’ve yet to find a cure-all remedy for this, what I have figured out is that it’s definitely not from a lack of items. I know this, in part, because whether I’m walking down the street, attending an event, or admiring my co-worker’s outfits at the office, some of my favorite ensembles are often made up of pieces not just I, but most people, already have. From an easy dress and sandals to a cool shorts-and-tee outfit, I guess it just takes a reminder to realize how many great outfits are already hiding in your closet.

On that note, with the hopes of helping us all, today I’ve rounded up 12 cute, cool, and (most importantly) easy summer outfits that are made up of items we all already own. Simply continue on to see them and do a little bit of likely unnecessary shopping along the way.