The #1 Top to Wear With Jeans This Summer

As a big, big jeans girl, there’s nothing I love more than a top trend that pairs ever-so-perfectly with my favorite type of bottom. As you probably already guessed, such is the topic of today’s post. While it’s nothing new, the tie-front top seems to be peaking in popularity right now, just in time to form my (and seemingly many other fashion girls’) summer uniform. Of course, while my personal favorite way to wear it is with denim, if you’re more into trousers or shorts, I’m pretty confident you’ll love it too.

And whether it’s a super-short, bra-like version or a more approachable long-sleeve style, there are not only countless styles available, but there is seemingly something for every budget too. To see what I mean, plus to get some serious summer outfit inspiration, simply continue on below.

Starting off with my main style obsession, Lena shows us that adding a belt is probably the best move.

Love the combination of blue poplin and white jeans here.

Just vibes.

Perfect for posing in front of printed walls.

You can always count on Ref for a summer uniform idea.

The going-out take done right.

This Posse top is admittedly my personal favorite of the shopping picks.

Available in sizes XS to L. 

If you’re less of a jeans girl and more of a rainbow-striped pants person, here’s proof that you can still hop on board with this top trend.

Let this be your next Instagram photo inspiration.

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