I Just Want Something New, so I Found Under-$50 Accessories That Are Cute, Cheap, and Easy

Ellie Delphine wears a black headband, Celine sunglasses and puffy heart earrings.

(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Every year, just as spring is turning into summer, I get this gnawing urge to shop. The sun’s out, I want to hit the streets and I don’t want to be doing it in last year’s sandals. The problem? Well, while I like to spend money, I don’t like to spend money. A bit of a conundrum, yes? But rather than totally denying myself something nice and new, I’ve solved this problem by coming up with a reasonable price constraint. Since I’m in the market for sunglasses, hats, belts, and the like, I’ve been limiting my buys to under-$50 accessories. While I wasn’t sure what I would find, surprise, surprise, there’s a lot of cuteness out there within that budget!

The beginning of summer has me wanting all the juicy, fruity, bright things when it comes to accessories. I tend to be more reserved with my wardrobe so accessories are where I like to have fun. Considering it’s beach season, you better believe I’ve sussed out everything I might need for travel too: a packable straw hat? Yep. A beaded cherry sunglasses chain? You betcha. Fisherman sandals? Uh-huh. All for under $50. So, get to shopping! The days may be long, but time’s a-wasting.

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