The Best Maternity Brands, According to a Celeb Stylist and Mom


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When it comes to your evolving style during a pregnancy, sometimes it makes sense to get some advice from the experts, which is why many celebrities turn to stylists to help out with their outfits for the nine months. Curious about the fashion lessons a stylist might pass along for mothers-to-be, we turned to one to weigh in.

Celebrity stylist Lindsey Dupuis Bledsoe admits that when it came to getting dressed while she was pregnant, “Working as a stylist helped because I know tips and tricks for dressing. I have dressed clients who were trying to conceal their bumps in the past, so I adopted some of the tricks I gave them, especially in the first few months when I wasn’t ready to let everyone in on the good news.” Ahead she is sharing some of her top fashion tips for anyone who is expecting and her favorite places to find maternity clothes.