I'd Give Up Neutrals in a Heartbeat for These Vibrant Winter Outfits

If you actually count, there are probably more hours of nighttime than there are hours of sunlight at this point. Couple that with the dreary winter, and there are plenty of reasons why it'd feel natural to cover yourself in a sea of soothing neutrals. But even though the weather is lacking, that doesn't mean it's a wrap for color. Actually, I'd argue there's no better time than now to embrace the vibrant side of the spectrum—consider it the sartorial equivalent of a SAD lamp.

Conveniently, strong, saturated color is having a bit of a moment, so it's easier than ever to try your hand at full-scale chromatic dressing. Over the past season, Zara released a collection full of bright, colorful pieces, including a midi dress in a shade of juicy tangerine and a Bottega Veneta–green tailored suit. More brands have joined in on the fun, too, so if you're ready to give neutrals a rest, keep scrolling for nine brilliant outfits to get you there.



Set off a matching set with a plush winter accessory like this hot-pink scarf. 



It may evoke connotations of Sprite, but yellow and green are a tried-and-true color combination. To avoid looking garish, choose more muted tones.



Who knew magenta-colored corduroy pants would have such an impact, but that's precisely what's happening with Ganni's latest winter staple among the fashion set. 



A more beginner-friendly way to adopt strong colors is to try a winter topper. You can always layer it over a low-key, neutral outfit, like a pair of jeans and a basic knit sweater.



Matching sets always come in clutch when you don't want to expend brain energy figuring out what goes well with what. I'm particularly tempted by this cool shade of pink.



Yellow and red are an unconventional pairing, but they work so well here because of the varying textures and the type of tones chosen. The leather and velvet play so nicely off of each other.



A good rule of thumb when styling color: stick with one color family throughout the entire outfit.