I Tried the Color Clashing Trend That's Everywhere

Trends come and go so quickly these days it could give you whiplash. It seems everyone's been jumping at the opportunity to predict which will be the next big color to fill Millennial Pink's influential shoes. Whether it's neon shades or outrageous orange (I'm putting money on it), everyone is clamoring to nail down a slice of the color wheel.

Gen Z yellow, melodramatic purple, outrageous orange—all the whimsical colors vying to replace Millennial Pink right now are reminding us of shades we frequently saw in our crayon boxes. So regardless of which will win out eventually, I'll be over here test-driving all of them—and not one at a time, either.

When it comes to combining the most saturated colors, throw out the fashion rulebook you were playing by before. You might have been told before to lightly dip your toe into bolder shades by grounding the rest of your outfit in reliable neutrals. But this season's enticing and electrifying hues are best styled together.

Just ahead, I'm sharing how I'm tackling the color clashing trend along with a few more combinations I'm kind of losing it over (in a good way).

Hopefully, by now you're jumping at the chance to wear these summer colors. But if not, check out 15 all-white outfit ideas that I promise feel fresh.