The Best Going-Out Tops for Colder Nights

If you’re a woman getting dressed for a night out anytime between the months of November and February, it’s pretty safe to say you’re looking to achieve two primary goals with your outfit. The first (and foremost) being to look such that one would use the fire emoji to describe you in, say, a Snapchat post or text message, and the second being not to freeze—or look like you should be freezing. Because there’s nothing more annoying than hearing the words "Aren’t you cold?!"

It sounds easy enough, but a quick perusal of the “night-out” section on any of your favorite shopping sites will have you soon realizing that most night-out pieces don’t seem to have number two (the seasonality part) locked down. You’ll notice, however, that we used the words “quick” and “most” because, rest assured, such tops do exist. It just takes a little, okay, a lot, of digging around to find them. We spent a few hours searching and rounded up the best of the best for you here on Who What Wear, because that's what we do.

Shop our picks of the best going-out tops to wear this season below!