4 OG Trends French and NYC Girls Will Wear for Eternity

The women of both NYC and Paris are in a sartorial league all on their own thanks to their coveted, signature styles. As trendsetting fashion people, their attention is laser-focused on the fresh trends that cruise in at the start of the new season. But on the flip side, they also don't discount the classic trends that withstand the test of time. After all, it's these staples that balance out a wardrobe.

With all that in mind, we curated a range of what we're calling "the OG fall trends" both NYC and Paris girls will never give up. These timeless pieces (think cardigans and the like) truly round out a flawless fall offering. Keep scrolling to see how the women of New York and Paris style the key trends they'll essentially wear for eternity and shop the pieces as well.

1. Cardigans

While cardigans are having their moment right now, the sweater trend has never really gone anywhere. Sure, they may have hung out on the sidelines a bit in past seasons, but they've always ridden the trend wave as a French and NYC staple to bring effortless ease to a layered look.

The NYC Way: Try a neutral cardigan and button it all the way up with a skirt.

The French Way: Pair a pastel iteration with a printed top tucked into straight-leg jeans.

2. Check Overcoats

There are many OG outerwear trends out there (moto jackets, for one), but it's the lightweight check overcoat or trench that will remain a hero piece in every fashion insider's wardrobe thanks to its functional and forward nature.

The NYC Way: A belted trench will add instant sophistication to a casual denim fit.

The French Way: Layer a tailored overcoat with a sleek shoulder bag for an elevated vibe.

3. Knee-High Boots

Fashion people just won't quit the knee-high boot trend. Yes, yes, ankle boots will always remain a staple in everyone's closet, but it's this eye-catching shoe silhouette that completes the elevated ensembles of the coolest NYC and French girls.

The NYC Way: Don't be afraid of the monochromatic look and use statement knee-highs to balance out the ensemble.

The French Way: Go for a non-basic pair of boots as the anchor to your outfit with a flowy skirt and cozy jacket.

4. Maxi Dresses

Sure, sweaterdresses and the like will remain a hit, but the dress silhouette du jour among New Yorkers and Parisians would undoubtedly be the timeless fall maxi dress for easy yet statement-making flair.

The NYC Way: Keep it chill yet fashion-forward by tossing on an oversize jacket with a classic maxi dress.

The French Way: Embrace a luscious hue and incorporate subtle yet eye-catching add-ons (like hair accessories) for a polished look.

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