Cindy Crawford Loves This Shoe Brand So Much She's Now Its Investor


Sarah Flint

When a young luxe brand has gained a celebrity following that includes Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney, and Reese Witherspoon, it isn’t often that we see prices lower as demand and notoriety take a meteoric rise. But Sarah Flint is forging her own path. And in fact, the shoe line has impressed one celebrity so much, she’s put some skin in the game. That fan, now investor, happens to be Cindy Crawford.

While Crawford’s been spotted in Sarah Flint designs in the past, this past month she officially joined the team while the brand simultaneously shifted to a direct-to-consumer model. “Now that we are selling directly, we can drop new product when it feels most relevant for our customer,” Flint tells us of her eponymous line. “In addition, there is so much thought and inspiration that goes into each shoe that we are now able to share.”

While the classic, pretty, and elegant designs are certainly part of the reason Crawford was drawn to the brand, specifically she’s a fan of the flats because “while they’re definitely comfortable, they are still chic and feminine.” But that's not the only reasons she’s become involved.



On Cindy Crawford: Sarah Flint Lana ($365)

Women are shopping smarter. They want well-made items that are going to last but not necessarily cost a fortune,” Crawford explains to us. “Sarah’s shoes are expertly crafted—when she described how much thought goes into creating one shoe, I was impressed. And now that the brand is direct-to-consumer, she can offer that same quality at a lower price. Women are responding to that and are going to remain loyal to brands that respect them.”

Naturally for a young designer like Flint, having Crawford’s advice, support, and major industry clout is also a huge benefit. “Cindy has had such an impressive career and is an amazing resource both as an expert in fashion and as a business woman who can advise on strategic questions," Sarah says. "One of the first things she taught me was how important authenticity was in building a brand and creating product. I have used that advice as a north star … and it has served me well.”

Scroll down and take a look at a few of Crawford's favorite shoes designs from the brand she's officially part of.

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"It’s a classic, essential shoe that can be worn on so many different occasions."

"For a beach day, I love the Grear. It’s a casual sandal that is really beautiful and detailed."

"The Emma is perfect for a chic everyday work look that can be dressed up or down."