A Celeb Stylist Told Me the Jeans Brands Celebrities Buy for Themselves


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It's no secret that many of the amazing designer clothes that celebrities wear aren't pulled from their own closets—they're expertly curated by the posh puppeteers of the fashion industry: the stylists. That's why I think the truest barometer of celeb approval is what they end up buying with their own money. Thanks to their stylists, actresses get access to every designer under the sun, but only a select number actually gets put into their daily rotation. 

So how does Hollywood's best dressed really spend their money? I tapped celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno to find out. I asked her about which denim brands celebs are gravitating towards right now, and as expected, she had all the answers. "Denim is such a standard staple in everyone's wardrobe, and that includes celebrity style off the red carpet," Briseno told me. Scroll down to shop the top five celebrity-loved denim brands, according to Briseno. 

1. Mother Denim 

"This brand not only has a great quality of the fabric, but there is a perfect ration of stretch and structure to the fabric. Also, the brand itself really appeals to the current pop culture. They have fresh and youthful marketing behind their visuals."


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On Cindy Crawford: Mother The Hustler Ankle Fray Jeans ($228)

2. Frame

"When it comes to skinny jeans, Frame is the go-to for many celebs. The styles look and feel like denim, but truly it's like you're wearing comfy leggings (or 'jeggings,' as some would say). Sidebar: I'm not trying to make that word come back. It's definitely one of those that is shelved with 'skort.'"


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On Meghan Markle: Frame Le Garcon Crop Boyfriend Jeans ($220)

3. Levi's

"Of course, countless past and current celebs in Levi's have made many of our Pinterest boards for sure. Vintage is always a good idea. The classic Levi's is also always a good idea. When you can find a pair that's lived-in with that added vintage charm, now that is a great find for your everyday wardrobe."


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On Camila Mendes: Levi's Wedgie Straight Jeans ($98)

4. Acne

"Many celebs embrace this brand for casual looks but the denim is really the star. The fits are classic, and as soon as you put them on, you feel like you're getting a hug around your hips."


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On Margot Robbie: Acne Studios 1997 Trash Jeans ($320)

5. Ksubi

"The rise on these jeans is perfection. Simply put, your backside is on point in any Ksubi jeans."


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On Hailey Bieber: Ksubi Chlo Wasted Karma Jeans ($190); Alexander Wang polo; Chanel bag; Jennifer Fisher earrings; Chloé sneakers; Chaos iPhone case

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