Sorry, Heels—Everyone Cool Is Wearing These Flat, Sensible Boots Right Now

Sensible footwear might conjure images of one-inch heels and hiking boots, but the latest practical shoe trend to know about is about as far from boring as you can get. Super chunky-soled boots are proving a big hit right now–and the bigger the better. The beauty of these boots comes in the fact they nearly look too big, with bulky soles and heavy leather–almost like they’re weighing the wearer down with their sheer size. It’s a good look, trust us. What’s more is that they’re perfectly punky when mixed with boyfriend jeans, just ask Bella Hadid, sister Gigi Hadid and pal Hailey Baldwin who have all been wearing some variation of the boots in the last few days. Naturally, Dr. Martens are leaders in heavy-duty footwear so look to them if you want to emulate the look. Seriously, stomping has never felt so good. Keep scrolling to shop our favourite chunky-soled boots.


(Image credit: Getty)

On Bella: Dr. Martens x Lazy Oaf Jungle Boots (£155)


(Image credit: Getty)

On Hailey: Dr. Martens Coralia Venice Boots in White (£60)


(Image credit: Getty)

On Gigi: Dr. Martens x Lazy Oaf Jungle Boots (£155)

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