I'm Waiting Until Black Friday to Buy These 6 Basic Items

I'm Waiting Until Black Friday to Buy These 6 Basic Items


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While I tend to do most of my holiday shopping on Black Friday, I also spend the time shopping for my personal wardrobe as well. Sure, I’ll look into those on-sale designer items, but I tend to stock up on basics for the most part. Because hey, if you can save a little bit of money on those closet staples, why pay full price, right?

To be as strategic as possible, I’m heading into Cyber Weekend with a checklist of the wardrobe basics I need to round out my closet. Naturally, I’m sharing said roster with you as well to perhaps inspire your shopping trip. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the general basic items I’m waiting until Black Friday to scoop up. I also shopped out a variety of inspired items that will hopefully be discounted in a major way come BF as well.

Layerable Turtlenecks

If there’s one winter staple everyone needs in their closets, it’s a slim or fitted turtleneck. Why? Well, if you incorporate one into your wardrobe—either as is with jeans or underneath a chunky crewneck or cardigan for a forward (and warm) look—you’ll look instantly polished without trying so hard. I have a couple of standby black turtlenecks in my closet, but I also want to see if I can score a couple others (in white or a bold color even) to elevate my offering without breaking the bank.

Straight-Leg and Skinny Jeans

Cyber Weekend is a great time to refresh that denim drawer with new cuts you’ve been wanting to test out because many top styles will be heavily discounted. I plan on searching for new skinny jeans to replace a few of my faded black silhouettes. I also have a few friends on the hunt for the perfect straight-leg jeans, so I want to scope out the selection for them as well.


I was never one to wear cardigans in the past, but I’m basically living in the sweater style these days. You know, leaning into the grandma vibes. I love how even the most basic neutral cable-knit silhouette can bring a laid-back yet modern twist to a look.

Simple Tees

Fun fact, I wear a T-shirt every single day either on its own when it’s warm outside or as my base layer underneath sweaters or sweatshirts. I live for the Amazon Essentials tees, so I hope to add to my collection on Black Friday. I’m also interested in testing other options as well (if I can get a deal)—especially fresh styles I can showcase with my open cardigans.

Joggers and Leggings

Loungewear is one of those categories where I just never want to pay full price unless I have to. While I personally hope to find a new comfy pair of joggers (I work from home a lot, so they’re ideal), I’m also going to scope out other performance pieces to upgrade my gym offering as well.

Black Boots

As I’ve highlighted before, I live in basic black boots for the versatility. So, naturally, I have a range already in my arsenal. However, I’m considering donating a few pairs to make room for a new silhouette to wear for the rest of fall and winter. I’ll be looking for a standard silhouette with a low block heel in either classic leather or suede. Alternatively, I also find the more eye-catching styles ntriguing if I can find a cool pair at a discount.

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