If You Only Wear Black Boots, These 6 Simple Outfits Will Come in Clutch

My wardrobe in the fall really comes down to just a few essentials. What makes the cut? Well, topping the list is thin turtlenecks, black jeans, cardigans, blazers, and a solid pair of trusty (albeit basic) black boots. If I’m being honest, I wear the latter nearly every day this time of year. I love them so much that several pairs occupy my shoe closet at any given time. While I do have a few other boot styles in my arsenal, none are quite as reliable, simple, and versatile as my classic black ankle boots—no frills, no trendy embellishments, just a good old pair that can be worn with basically anything in my wardrobe.

Speaking of styling ideas, there are actually a few outfit formulas I turn to the most with these go-to boots and if you’re on the same page as I am about living in your black boots, then the following looks are for you. Fashion people seem to agree with me here as they, too, often step out in these simple ‘fits. So ahead, here are the six A+ black-boot outfits to consider if you also wear by the timeless shoe silhouette. Oh, and I also shopped out each look to give you even further styling inspiration.

Blazer + Tee + Leather Pants + Boots
outfit ideas with black boots



There's nothing more classic than a blazer and ankle boots so to step yours up a notch, style them with sleek leather pants and a basic tee. If you're going for an all-black base, a patterned blazer helps to break up the monochrome.

Tailoring + Boots
outfits with black boots



While boots might not be the first thing that comes to mind when wearing a suit (pumps or oxfords likely pop up first), slouchy tailoring actually looks quite forward paired with black boots. Try tucking in the pant hem for an even more on-trend spin.

Leather Jacket + White Tee + Jeans + Boots
easy black boot outfits



This is the outfit I personally wear all the time. Leather outerwear is having a moment this fall, and the easiest way to style a leather jacket is with classic blue jeans, a white tee, and your trusted black boots.

Chunky Knit + Skinny Jeans + Boots
outfits with black boots and jeans



Say hello to one of my top fall uniforms. You legit can't go wrong with an oversize sweater, skinny jeans, and boots. The combo always works.

Cardigan + Jeans + Boots
easy outfits with black boots



For something cozier, reach for a chunky knit sweater or a cardigan with—yes you guessed it—jeans and black boots. Cardigans with jeans is basically a fall uniform among fashion girls at this point.

Trench Coat + Black Pants + Boots
fall outfits with black boots



Toss a trench coat over any of your fall outfits for a classic yet still modern vibe. I'm personally a fan of teaming one with black pants and chunky black boots for a very-right-now feel.