Trust Me, Don't Ever Buy These 2 Things on Black Friday

What Not to Buy on Black Friday


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Since it's the biggest shopping holiday of the year, it can be easy to think Black Friday has the best deals across the board. If you’re willing to fight your post-Turkey fatigue to battle the crowds, you should be rewarded with the deepest discounts you can get all year, right? Wrong.

For some items, it is the perfect time to pounce on a bargain, but there are a couple things in the fashion category that you can actually get for cheaper at other times of the year. To narrow in on what those are, we tapped shopping and retail expert Sarah Hollenbeck of She let us in on the fashion items that are worth buying on Black Friday (athletic footwear and wearable tech like Fitbits) and those that aren't.

Keep reading to find out what falls into the latter category, and then scroll further to check out fashion editor–approved Black Friday buys.

1. Don't Buy Jewelry
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales - What Not to Buy


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

According to Hollenbeck, "The holiday season isn't when you will see the biggest sales. If you can, try to hold off on your jewelry purchases until after Valentine's Day. That's when you'll see deep discounts as retailers look to clear out what didn't sell throughout the winter months." Though anytime you’re buying jewelry on major sale, keep in mind that the price of diamonds and gold are dependant on their market value, so seriously discounted jewelry may mean that it’s not worth a lot to begin with.

2. Don't Buy Winter Coats
Black Friday Sales - What Not to Buy


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

The quintessential winter clothing item, the coat, may be tempting to buy on Black Friday, but you'll get cheaper deals at the end of the winter season. "Several large retailers love to put out discounted clothing options for shoppers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you'll find the best deals when shopping out of season. Those deals will be far superior to what you find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as retailers are typically just capitalizing on the timing given that it's gift-giving season and just the beginning of the winter season," says Hollenbeck. If you do want to buy a winter coat because, hey, it’s winter and we’re fashion people, make sure to weigh Black Friday deals against Cyber Monday. Sometimes the latter has steeper discounts, and you can shop straight from work… on your break of course.

Shop the picks we're hoping to buy on Black Friday:

I'm fairly certain this dress will become a wardrobe MVP.

This purse won't stop flirting with me. 

One of our favorite brands for affordable sunglasses.

Anything in tiger print has my approval this season.

This loose dress actually seems ideal for wearing to Thanksgiving dinner.

Knee boots are one of this season's must-have silhouettes.

So much cooler than any other pair of sneakers I own.

Consider my interest in denim maxi skirts revived.

There's no such thing as too many black sweaters.

This is a coat worth writing home about.

Like a good mattress, solid pajamas are something that you will never—I repeat never—regret investing in. 

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