Score These 74 Top-Selling Beauty Products for Under $7 Each

74 Cheap Beauty Products on Amazon, All Under $7


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You know the feeling when you get a little too comfortable doing the same thing day after day? It's not necessarily a rut, but it is, well, a bit too routine. While it isn't always an option to literally change your schedule, it is fun—and easy—to switch it up every now and again with a simple swap to your beauty lineup

Whether you have a few minutes for an indulgent soak in the tub, at-home mani, or simply need to replace a few well-worn staples, there's a highly rated and affordable product on this list for you to test in the comfort of your own home. Even better? You don't have to make a special trip to the drugstore to score the best price on these beauty basics since they're all available on Amazon. 

Scroll below to shop the best selling products in hair, skin, nails, bath, and body (plus a few handy tools of the trade), and discover a new must-have for your everyday beauty arsenal.  

Bathing Besties

There's nothing better than a before-bed soak in a warm, lavender-scented tub. I keep Epsom salts on hand year-round but tend to double up on relaxing baths when temperatures drop. 

Let's face it: Animal print is on trend, and you probably need to replace your old shower cap. Win-win. 

This fizzy bath bomb has a relaxing scent, plus a calming message inside. Go ahead. Treat yourself. It's just $5! 

Experience the detoxifying and energizing power of Epsom salt without filling the tub.

Made from 100% pure natural shea butter, this dual-action moisturizer and exfoliant softens and smooths dry skin and comes in several fun scents.

If, like me, you're a believer in bar soap, you can't do better than six bars of this super-moisturizing Dove formula for only $7. 

If squeezable suds are more your thing, this liquid formula from Aveeno is great for use on dry skin. 

Our editor in chief swears by this Japanese washcloth, and so do nearly 300 other customers who have given it a 4.5-star rating. 

Hair Heroes

This on-sale two-pack of dry shampoo adds texture and absorbs oil, so it's basically a four-for-one! 

You might think that you can wash your hair well enough with just your fingers. Well, given this little gadget's 4.5-star rating, over 3000 customers disagree. 

This humidity-resistant hair spray is basically a miracle worker. Just spray to set your style and control frizz for up to 48 hours. 

When it comes to fighting frizz, this is truly a secret weapon for any hair texture. Use before heat-styling, or keep a tube in your bag for touch-ups on the go.

Ready to pump up the volume? This cult-favorite drugstore brand helps define curls while adding bouncy body. 

Zendaya's hairstylist, Ursula Stephen, swears by this curling cream for moisturizing kinky and curly textures. 

Whether you have wavy or curly hair, this super-affordable gel formula keeps frizz under control for a silky-smooth hold. 

This hydrating hair mask is vegan and free of silicones, parabens, and artificial coloring. Even better? It's just $4 and works in one minute. 

Makeup Must-Haves

A drugstore favorite, this blush is known as a near-perfect dupe for its much more expensive luxury countertype.

At 0.17 ounces, this fragrance is tiny but perfect if you want to sample a new scent or store this in your carry-on bag so you don't have to check a full-size bottle in your luggage on short trips.  

Formulated to stop shine for up to eight hours while helping to hide pesky pores, this product can be used alone or under makeup to create a photo-ready appearance. 

This pore minimizer and face primer goes on like a moisturizer while leaving skin of all shades and textures looking matte and poreless. 

If you're looking for hydration, use this gentle and affordable primer as a base for your beauty regimen. 

Long day ahead? This lightweight setting spray reduces shine and helps foundations, shadows, and powders stay put for hours—just be sure to let your mascara completely dry before applying to avoid smudges.

As a favorite among beauty enthusiasts since 1935, this no-fuss face powder is basically a cult classic. Today, it is a must-have for setting highlights and contours, controlling oil, and achieving a matte finish.  

Over 6300 beauty lovers have given this product over four stars. It's a super-concentrated formula that comes in 20 shades, so dark circles don't stand a chance.

This oil-free concealer provides breathable, natural-looking coverage in 12 shades.

Warm up this tube of long-lasting mascara in your hands before application. Its second ingredient is beeswax, so with a little body heat, it will go on super smooth. 

Uniquely formulated to resist clumping, this mascara reportedly builds lashes up to five times their natural thickness for a full, dramatic look. 

Have you ever tried eyelash primer? Pair this with the above mascara to boost volume and length while conditioning lashes. 

Covergirl Lash Blast Volume is one of our all-time favorite mascaras for everyday use. 

Define your brows with this ultra-precise pencil and spoolie, available in seven shades.

The teardrop tip on this pencil helps fill in brows with perfectly. Shape and blend with the attached spoolie brush for a soft, natural look.

You know how they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince? I feel the same way about black eyeliners. This smudge-proof mechanical pencil has a built-in sharpener and is formulated to glide on easily while staying put for up to 16 hours. Just keep those remover wipes handy. 

Shake, dab, swipe. According to over 1100 customer reviewers, this makeup-removing solution works on the most stubborn waterproof mascaras without irritating eyes. 

These eye makeup remover pads are a steal at just $3. Keep a jar in your nightstand for those too-tired-to-wash-up evenings or in your carry-on kit when you don't want to deal with a liquid formula. 

If you swear by Cetaphil products, you'll be happy to see its waterproof-makeup remover is available right now for over 50% off! 

The moisturizing power of shea butter gets a high-shine boost in this non-sticky lipgloss. 

A three-pack of cute, clear glosses in our favorite scents? No wonder this is the best-selling lip gloss on Amazon. 

Can you ever really have too many tubes of Baby Lips? We like this warm cherry shade for a transition from summer to fall. 

Skin Solutions

Made with 100% natural linen fibers, these fast-acting, oil-blotting sheets help control shine without any powder. 

While other scents are slightly more expensive, we were pleased to see the rose water version of our go-to facial spray make the under-$7 cut. 

This alcohol-free face toner helps cleanse, purify, and recondition skin without causing irritation, stinging, or dryness. 

Keep this Amazon brand of witch hazel on hand to help relieve irritation from bug bites, or help soothe minor cuts and scrapes. 

Don't be put off by the charcoal color of this cleanser. It foams white to purify pores and then rinses totally clear, leaving skin tingly and smooth. 

This unique oil-free exfoliating formula does not contain microbeads, so it will remove dirt and oil buildup and then rinse totally clean. Just remember to moisturize afterward. 

These makeup remover wipes are so gentle we put them under our list of top-selling skin products. Even better, these individually wrapped towelettes are easy to stash in a purse or beauty kit for a quick refresh on the go. 

Remove makeup and nourish skin with the power of cucumbers and aloe vera in these portable, fresh-smelling cleansing wipes. 

EOS lip balms are not only cute and compact but also seriously hydrating, sustainably sourced, and come in several fun flavors like vanilla mint. 

At just $4 a tube, we recommending buy multiples of this number one dermatologist-recommended lip repair ointment.

Formulated in 1892, this is still the most effective and enjoyable container of rosebud salve we've ever tried. Use it on lips, elbows, blemishes… anywhere, really!

The O'Keeffe's foot cream is probably just as effective to use on your hands, but at only $6, it's okay to buy this version, too. 

Whether you are expecting or not, this dermatologist-approved, hypoallergenic cocoa butter formula works to improve skin elasticity, texture, and tone all over the body. 

Nice Nails

If you enjoy an at-home mani, it's worth adding this best-selling cuticle oil to your regimen.

You know those nail polish removers that take almost half a bottle to remove one manicure? This ultra-powerful formula puts those to shame, even removing gel, glitter, and dark winter colors. 

This best-selling topcoat is specially formulated for a quick-drying, high-shine, durable finish. Try it once, and you'll never go back to other drugstore brands. 

We were shocked—shocked!—to see this cult-classic Essie shade on sale. A nude-pink favored by brides everywhere, Ballet Slippers is worth having on hand at all times. 

This two-sided brush includes large bristles for hand scrubbing and a smaller, stiffer bristle for cleaning underneath fingernails. 

Toss those rusty old clippers in favor of this black stainless steel set—that's a serious upgrade for just $7.

Tools of the Trade

These precision blades help to exfoliate delicate facial skin and make it easier for serums and creams to penetrate deeper, as well as remove any peach fuzz.

So this isn't exactly the sexiest item on the list, but it is pretty crucial for oral hygiene. At $3 for 150 floss picks, why not add it to your cart? 

Elevate your at-home face mask routine with these silicone applicators. They help to apply skincare products evenly, while also bending to scoop out the last smidgens of expensive serum. 

Extend the life of your well-used makeup brushes by washing them on the regular with this hypoallergenic cleaner made from plant-based ingredients.

Pair this apple-shaped silicone mat with the above brush-cleaning solution, and your brushes will be as good as new. 

For just $4, you can get 100 of these multi-use wands. Our EIC recommends them for removing clumps from eyelashes, fluffing brows, or cleaning products with hard-to-reach crevices—just be sure not to reuse those ones.

The numberone selling eye shadow brush on Amazon is literally 75 cents. At that price, they're practically begging you to give it a try. 

Can you believe this quality Kabuki brush is just $6? Stash it in your travel kit ASAP.

This two-piece brush set features dual ends to shade, define, blend, and smudge makeup—perfect for everyday use or as your multitasking travel set. 

Where else can you find 32 quality makeup brushes for under $7? Whether you need to swap out a few singles or replace the whole lot, this multi-pack is a great, affordable option.

We like that these eco-friendly makeup applicator sponges come in two sizes. Use the large, squishy one to build foundation and concealer, and try the smaller firm sponge for more detailed coverage.

While we always prefer going to the pros instead of at-home tactics, if you're prone to picking, it's smart to keep this extractor tool on hand. Using this 100% stainless steel surgical-grade material can help to safely extract whiteheads and blackheads with less trauma and bacteria when compared to finger use—gross but true! 

If you're a fan of false lashes, these specially shaped tweezers can help you apply, adjust, or repair your go-to set—just don't use these with magnetic lashes. (They're made of stainless steel.)

This four-piece stainless steel tweezer set works overtime with shapes suitable for eyebrow shaping, growing, removal of ticks, splinters, and precision placement of nail decals and glitter.  

This bold blue detangling brush works well on all hair types, including extensions and wigs. At this price, we're buying a bunch!

This easy-to-clean makeup case is ideal for carrying your must-have cosmetics when you're on the move. If anything spills in transit, just wipe the bag off with a damp cloth and you're good to go. 

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