13 Amazon Beauty Buys I Keep Re-Purchasing (and 3 That Totally Failed Me)

We here at Who What Wear have long lauded Amazon's oft-overlooked beauty section. From raving about Amazon's cult-favorite $18 makeup sponge applicator to waxing poetic about Amazon's top-selling face mask, which boasts a staggering 17,528 reviews (and counting), we've made no effort to conceal our love of the online retail giant's seemingly endless selection of well-reviewed beauty products—not to mention its ever-convenient two-day shipping.

That said, not every product with glowing reviews lives up to the hype. After putting dozens of products to the test, our editor in chief Kat Collings is revealing 13 Amazon beauty picks she would buy forever—aka those that succeeded—and three she definitely won't be adding to her cart again.

Scroll on to shop the products that have earned her stamp of approval, including the $13 microwavable Brazilian bikini wax she's actually been buying for years and the $10 reusable makeup remover pads she bought based on a recommendation straight from Eva Chen.

Success: Weleda Skin Food

"I know Weleda Skin Food is not new to those who know what's up in the beauty world, but I just hopped onto the bandwagon, and honestly think I will use this product for the rest of my life. It has actually turned me into a nightly lotion user, something I couldn't be bothered to do regularly before. How? Why? Well, it smells delicious with a faintly herbal or citrus scent that I can't quite nail. It's also super thick, making it feel luxurious, despite its affordable price tag. Because it is a heavier lotion, I use it mainly on my body, but occasionally on my face as well when I have dry skin. Fun fact: The lotion was created in 1926. Something that has stood the test of time for that long must be good, plus it's formulated with clean ingredients. There's a long list of people who knew and loved this product before me (including Victoria Beckham and Priyanka Chopra), but I'm just glad I know about it now."

Success: Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

"If you don't know the joys of Dr. Bronner's yet, then I would love to introduce you. I cannot picture life without this soap. First of all, it's super clean; no extra toxic chemicals hiding in this soap. I use natural deodorant, which means some days I end up with a less than perfect smelling pit. This soap is my secret weapon against any sort of body odor. For some reason, it works leaps and bounds better than regular body wash or soap. Sometimes I'll use it on my feet too when I've worn shoes that I've worn a few too many times if you know what I mean. Dr. Bronner's is a castile soap, meaning it's extra concentrated (one bottle will last you a very long time) and super multi-functional. Dr. Bronner's lists 18 uses for the soap, including rinsing fruit, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning animals, scrubbing a bathroom, killing ants and aphids, and more. Imagine the possibilities!"

Success: R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

"I assume you are familiar with dry shampoo spray or powder, but in my opinion, dry shampoo paste is where it's at. Whereas sprays will get rid of grease, this paste works double-time absorbing oil and creating texture. And I'm not talking just any texture, I'm talking the cool-girl mussed texture that we all desire. Plus it smells amazing to boot. When I had my friend smell it, she wouldn't stop raving about the scent. I take a smear and rub it between my palms so it melts a bit, and then go in for my roots."

Success: Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth/Towel

"Ready for the best $5 you'll ever spend? Everybody in Japan uses these super exfoliating wash cloths. They have an elongated rectangle shape, which is perfect for pouring a bit of body wash on (Dr. Bronners, if you were sold by my review above) and then grabbing either end and washing with a back and forth motion. It works up a serious lather and is just rough enough to make my skin feel brand new every time I step out of the shower. Your loofah could never."

Success: Cocolab Cocofloss

"Cocofloss is fancy floss for millennials, and after a curiosity purchase (hey, I'm a millennial and like to feel fancy!), I have become a total convert. My Glide just won't cut it anymore. The yummy coconut flavor actually makes me want to floss more, and I've heard good things about the mint too. The other thing that sets Cocofloss apart is the floss is woven from fibers, which means it's way better at grabbing gunk between your teeth. The brand compares regular floss to washing your dinner plate with a plastic bag, and their floss like washing a plate with a sponge. After you try the floss, that analogy makes a lot more sense. Plus, Eva Chen is a fan, so."

Success: Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

"I learned about this reusable makeup remover pads from Eva Chen's Instagram Story (what a wealth of knowledge that woman is). They work just as well or even better than the disposable kind, and it feels good to know I took a small step to make my impact on the earth a bit smaller. Once you use these, just throw them in the washable bag and toss them in the wash. I got two sets to make sure I don't run out, and either I need to do laundry more frequently or buy another set. I'll likely go for the cotton again, though I can't vouch for the velour!"

Success: Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover

"There's nothing wrong with a little upper lip hair, but if you want to get rid of that jazz, look no further than this handy device. It is basically an electronic shaver, but it's specially designed for removing fine facial hair. You can't cut yourself on it, and it takes just a few seconds to sweep over that 'stache and remove the hair. It doesn't hurt at all, just faintly tickles. I only do this for special occasions, say I have a beauty photo shoot or am planning to spend time with people who I would prefer not notice the little hairs that love to hang out at the ends of my mouth. And just to dispel the rumor once and for all, no, the hair does not grow back thicker or darker."

Success: Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette

"Our former managing editor and general tanning expert turning me onto these Tan Towels. I've generally tried to accept my relatively pale skin color, but when I do want a little bit of glow especially on my legs, I'll whip out one of these wipes. So far, it's never left weird color deposits on tricky spots like knees and ankles. It's just a lovely seamless tan that's not too orange either. It's a vast improvement from my previous Jergens Natural Glow days. After application, my trick for an even tan is to rub some lotion all over my legs and just keep rubbing and spreading the lotion in (for longer than you think); this smooths everything out so you'll be blotch-free."

Success: Luna Play Plus Foreo

"Double cleansing seems like a lot of work. The Clarisonic seems less than hygienic. Enter the Foreo! To me, there's no better product to get a super-deep clean after a long day. Okay, so I haven't technically re-purchased this, but that's because my original one is still kicking. The battery life also lasts freakishly long (years) before you need to recharge it. It lasts so long that I usually forget where I put the charging cord! The device also pairs well with every face wash, and there's something soothing about rubbing the gently vibrating silicone bumps across my face after a long day. Trust me, your skin will thank you."

Success: Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel

"Ah, the joys of Baby Foot. Grab your girls, queue up a movie, and sink your feet into the provided plastic foot bags full of Baby Foot gel. Within five days or so, your feet will molt like a snake. It's simultaneously disgusting and fun. Your feet will look like a zombie's and you will leave bits of dead skin trailing through the house. With boot season upon us, it's the perfect time to keep your foot molting under wraps in public. All those rough and peeling bits leftover from summer will be gone, and you'll be left with the smooth angel feet of an infant."

Success: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

"Ask any beauty editor for their holy grail pimple patch, and they'll likely tell you COSRX. The brand is Korean, and we all know they know what they're quite savvy in the skincare department. I find that especially for new pimples, applying one of these patches will cut the duration of the blemish's lifespan in half. At about 11 cents per patch, this pick is an affordable no-brainer."

Success: G2PLUS Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes

"I'm pretty sure I will go to the grave with a half-full pack of these because no one really needs 100 mascara brushes unless you are a professional makeup artist. But, I still think everyone should buy this, just share the abundance of mascara wands with your friends! I use these to comb out my eyelashes after applying mascara to make sure they aren't clumping together, to give my eyebrows a quick fluff when I don't want to deposit more color on them with my tinted eyebrow gel, to do any household cleaning in hard-to-reach crevices (def throw it away or thoroughly wash it after doing that), and even to part my hair with the opposite end."

Success: GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax

"I have been purchasing this microwavable at-home wax for years. Here's why: It hardens into hard wax meaning you don't have to deal with messy strips. I get about five bikini waxes out of one jar, which works out to less than $3 a wax, and when you compare the cost of getting it done in a salon, this is no brainer. I also love the convenience of doing it at home, so I don't go into full panic mode when I realize my bikini line could use some attention when it's midnight and I have an early A.M. flight out the next day to go on vacation. I find the pain of doing it myself completely manageable; my best tip is to do a strong breath out just as you rip the wax off. Your body's inclination is to breathe in sharply and tense up when you feel pain, and forcing yourself to breathe out counteracts that."

Fail: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

"I got these face razors for women based on a blogger's recommendation. They're supposed to help exfoliate making it easier for your face serums and creams to penetrate deeper, as well as remove any peach fuzz. A lot of people love these as you can see in the reviews, but something about the packaging and the name (Tinkle? Are you sure it's not Twinkle?!) sketched me out. I did end up trying it, and it worked decently, but I do prefer a more legit one such as Stacked Skincare's dermaplaning tool. We're talking blades to the face after all, so I think a little more confidence in the product is well worth it."

Fail: TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit

"Got skin tags? Me too, and I still have them unfortunately. Skin tag removal by a dermatologist isn't covered by my insurance, so I figured I'd try this device because despite what the internet will tell you, the most affordable option of tying floss around a skin tag to cut off its blood supply is legit impossible. This device is basically a little gun that snaps a rubber band onto your skin tag. It is kind of scary and seems like it will hurt, but it doesn't. What does hurt (emotionally), is when you spent $20 and your skin tags are the wrong shape or size and the rubber band either won't attach or falls off before its even effective."

Fail: Acure Mega Moisture Argan Oil & Pumpkin Shampoo/Conditioner Set 

"I came across this brand when reading up on clean, affordable shampoo and conditioners, and figured I'd give it a shot. After making my way through the whole bottle, I have to say my hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner continues. I wasn't a fan of this scent (though they do offer a myriad of others), and like almost every other clean shampoo I've tried, the shampoo lather leaves something to be desired. Since it doesn't lather as much, I end up overcompensating with way too much product, which means I end up going through a bottle way too fast. That said, for the price, I can't say this is a bad option, I'm just holding out hope that there's something that works better for me out there."