42 Things We Would Buy Right This Second From Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora

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Despite the fact that Courtney and I basically eat, sleep, breathe, drink, meditate, and talk our faces blue about all things beauty, we still really love it. And, believe it or not, we still really love to shop for it. Or rather, we love to tell our friends, family, and you all what to shop for on our behalf. (Lord help us if we obtain any more beauty products than we're currently already drowning in.)

Scrolling through the best beauty offerings on Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora on a daily, sometime thrice-daily, basis is our ultimate pastime, and from the latest and greatest dry shampoos and eye shadows to the hair and face masks that have resurrected us from the almost dead, there's so much to want and shop at our fave beauty retailers.

So, somewhat routinely, we have to product-vomit all of our latest shopping recs in your direction at a rapid-fire pace. (Sorry, not sorry.) Ahead, we're sharing 42 beauty products we would buy right this second from Nordstrom, Amazon, and Sephora and why you need every last one of them in just a sentence or two. (This is shopping efficiency at it's finest, folks.) Keep scrolling! 


A beautiful limited-edition palette to streamline your blush, bronzer, and highlight routine.

Stunning packaging, gorgeous pigment, and depending on what shade/animal you choose, one of six different charities throughout Africa will reap the benefit of your purchase. 

One of the best masking antidotes for when you need to look brighter, tighter, and clearer in less than 10 minutes

The glow-enhancing sheet mask makeup artists use to prep the A-list pre-foundation.

A bottled golden ticket if you never want less-than-perfect skin while traveling.

A chic way to keep bad hair days permanently at bay. 

Try this, and I guarantee you'll never even glance at another lip treatment or balm for the rest of your life—it's everything.


This dark horse hair treatment for blondes should honestly be more famous than Olaplex. 

My five-second secret for compliments and making it look like I actually put effort into my makeup—this silvery shade called Diamond Dust will never fail you.

It's brand new, it's by Gaga, and if you're a liquid liner fiend like me, it's the only one worth owning right now. 

These spa-like cloths are practically currency within the celeb and makeup artist set and make taking your makeup off way less of a chore.

A pearly liquid miracle for when you didn't sleep but absolutely have to look like you did.

If you want glossy strands that look as if they've been untouched by summer's stressors, look no further than this damage-reversing duo.

The blush that's actually better than Orgasm—and cheaper.


Everyone is obsessed with Ouai, and everyone is obsessed with dry shampoo—this is the brand's newest baby, and it will shave 10 minutes off your morning routine and one shampoo off your weekly routine. (At least.)

This new powder-cream shadow hybrid is the best way to extend the magic of summer into fall and winter. 

Riri's Gloss Bomb in FU$$Y would be the subject of Lil Mama's hit "Lip Gloss" in 2019—it's like bubblegum highlighter for your lips. (And that's a good thing.)

Ole Henriksen's PHAT new facial debut does to your complexion what Phat Farm did to your style street cred in junior high (major boost).

The foundation brush so good, it made me cheat on my Beautyblender—for two months and counting. (Use it with the Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation $68, and life will ACTUALLY change as you know it.) 

My Sunday-night ritual for a complete and utter hair transformation—think shine galore and a velvety-soft finish you never knew was possible.

A 100% natural retinol alternative that just so happens to look prettier than your crystal collection and Chris Hemsworth combined. 


My travel beauty setup could use some serious streamlining, so I'm hoping a couple of these cool cases will help.

The facial sunscreen I've been using is great, but it irritates my eyes, so I'm looking for a new one to try. I've heard great things about this Shiseido option.

I know this old-school spot treatment is controversial, but I keep it in constant supply.

Showers are my favorite 15 minutes of the day, so I'll use any excuse to upgrade my products—this natural formula from Nécessaire is a cult favorite and so luxe.

When I was a broke college student, I'd spritz this on my face before any other skincare, and it allowed me to use less product. Still a fan of this method.

I wear these while vegging on the couch in the evenings, and they are so soothing and make my under-eyes brighter.

I always come back to this cleanser for a fail-proof, non-stripping, deep clean—basic but amazing.


I haven't given my feet enough attention lately, so I think it's time for a disgusting and satisfying peel. 

I switched over from a natural loofa sponge to this silicone body scrubber last year, and it feels so much more hygienic.

I'm finally ready to get on the Gua Sha train for its de-puffing and glow-enhancing perks, and this one from Odacité is like the Tesla of all Gua Shas.

My mom has amazing skin, and witch hazel is one of the few products she always had on hand. I like the idea of adopting some of her tried-and-true favorites.

This iconic cream is an affordable way to get ahead of the dry skin winter will undoubtedly bring—even celebrity dermatologists recommend it!

I need a new purse mascara for evenings when I need an extra swipe before after-work events—this drugstore pick is used by top makeup artists, beauty editors, and anyone else who holds high standards for their lashes.

I use an obscene amount of makeup wipes and cotton pads, so I'm hoping these will help reduce my carbon footprint on the beauty front.


I've been getting one-off pimples in the most conspicuous places for the last couple of weeks. Instead of going in with my usual aggressive remedies and risking a scar right between my eyebrows or in the center of my cheek, I'd like to add light therapy into the mix.

The most satisfying facials I've seen documented on Instagram lately include a molding gel mask, like this one. I'm excited to try this out from the comfort of my own home.

Brand new from GlamGlow, this pot of rose gold not only looks pretty in your bathroom, it also does serious work on tired, dark-circled under-eyes. 

I ran out of vitamin C serum a few months ago, and just never replenished my supply (whoops). I'm ready to re-incorporate it into my skincare routine, and this is Summer Friday's newest, very want-able skincare launch.

I love a substantial quench from my moisturizer, so I'm big into ceramides and really interested in this new debut from the skin masters at Sunday Riley.

I'm obsessed with this serum. Seriously, so good.

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