Celebrities 5' to 6'2' Tall Can't Stop Wearing These Trends

If celebrities are just like us, then it's certainly true that they too might be discouraged by trends from time to time. One woman might shun a silhouette because it's too much for her petite frame, while another swears off a type of dress silhouette because she's too tall. But we're here to assure you that, besides personal style preference, there's no need to feel excluded from a trend. And definitely not because of your height. Below, we've listed 12 muses who would agree.

Looking to both celebrities who shop in the petite department and ones who break 6' (without heels, thank you very much), we've identified six trends that know no height limits. And considering there's quite a variety of personal style in the mix, they each have a unique approach to classic pieces like camel coats as well as more of-the-moment looks such as Western boots.

Ahead, see how some of Hollywood's coolest ladies prove that style has no height requirements.