These Were the Celebrities Who Won Halloween

We all have that one friend who starts talking about her Halloween costume no later than June. She plans, plots, and uses all of her creative brainpower to create a costume that's so much more advanced than a pair of animal ears and or anything that comes prepackaged. Ultimately, it's sure to leave your crew talking about it until New Year's Eve. Well—no surprise here—celebrities are just like us, and when it comes to getting dressed up around October 31, they pull out all the stops.

This Halloween, the A-listers who we already know (and many whose everyday style we already love) went all out to create, and re-create, characters for their own epic party plans. And ahead, we rounded up the best of the best that dazzled, terrified, and straight up impressed us.

Go on and peruse all of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes that absolutely slayed this year.