How Celebs in NYC vs. L.A. Dress for Date Nights

There's no denying that, in general, celebrities get more dressed up for nights out than the rest of us, but with paparazzi regularly in tow, can you blame them? Taking this into account, we were curious about how celebrity style differs based on which city they're in, so we did a little investigating into their date-night outfit choices.

We know that NY and L.A. style is of interest to most fashion girls, and since we've already covered British- and French-girl versus American-girl night-out looks, we decided to look at the difference within our domestic borders. While there were some obvious common themes among outfits from NY and L.A. (i.e. heels are the go-to footwear), the differences were also clear. Intrigued?

Keep scrolling to see how celebrity date-night style differs in NY vs. L.A., and shop our night-out picks for each city.