Why British Girls Do Night-Out Dressing Differently Than Americans

During a recent conversation with our wonderful editorial director for Who What Wear UK, Hannah Almassi, she mentioned that she was a bit surprised by the focus that American girls put on dressing to go out at night, and that it was much different in London. This being new information to me, we decided to delve into the distinctly different importance that British and American girls place on their night-out style.

While over here in the U.S., we tend to plan our outfits out in advance, maybe even purchasing something new for a big night out. And as you know, it's a chance to show a bit more skin and dress a little fancier. In fact, a portion of our wardrobes consist of "going-out pieces" that we reserve for after dark, and our looks for a night out are decidedly different from our daytime looks.

Across the pond, Almassi had this to say about the night-out sartorial philosophy in the UK: "Time is of the essence for London girls, so it's highly likely we'll wear what we've got on for work—with the addition of a few little tweaks. A slash of lipstick, the throwing on of a skinny silk scarf or pair of statement earrings and some heels (even small ones, because dancing is important) will elevate the most casual-cool of daytime ensembles. It's all about being ready to go out for a cocktail on a whim, not knowing or planning where the night will take you." She explained, "There's very little thought that goes into 'night out' outfits, we have wardrobes that mix fashion-forward and everyday staples to great effect 24/7, so it's very rare that a London fashion girl would prep her after-dark look. And if we do dip into traditional 'party dressing,' it has to be irreverent, nodding to the idea in an ironic, knowing way—hence the popularity of Molly Goddard's tulle frocks."

Armed with each of our insights on the subject, we set out to find visual examples of typical night-out looks for both American and British girls, along with some of the pieces that are perfectly suited to create their signature looks. 

Keep scrolling to see fashion girls from both London and the U.S. dressed for a night out, and shop the pieces that just might inform your next night-out look.

Which girl do you relate to the most when it comes to night-out style? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: REX