The Spring Trend Fashion Girls Are Wearing Instead of Leggings

If there's anything last year taught us, it's that loungewear isn't going anywhere. During a time where comfortable clothing is being more prioritized than ever before, fashion girls have naturally been searching for ways to make casual and cozy pieces feel as forward as possible. Leggings are usually on the forefront of most loungewear wardrobes, but this spring, It girls have officially proven that there's a new style in town that's not quite a legging, not quite a bodysuit, but a trendy new hybrid. We're not sure if we should be calling them bodysuits with shorts, tight rompers, or playsuits, but hopefully, by listing all three, you'll get a solid picture of the kinds of onesies we're talking about here. 

These fitted rompers feel as though you're living in leggings, but the styling opportunities are ten times more exciting. So far, fashion girls have either been wearing them alone with chunky boots and funky jewelry or layered underneath big coats, blazers, and the like. Ahead, I've gathered some of my favorite shots of influencers wearing this trend, followed by my current favorite versions in the market. Hopefully, the takeaway here will be that there is in fact a garment that provides just as much comfort and ease as a pair of leggings but has much more style



This look is simple, yet so intriguing. Style this with sporty sneakers, a sleek kitten heel, or knee-high boots and a big trench coat. 

Something so simple has never looked so interesting. The best part? These playsuits feel like you're wearing practically nothing. 

When you're wearing something this stunning, you really don't need much else. 

Layer an oversize coat on top of a crisp white version and pair it with chunk boots. In seconds you have a look that's alluring yet easy. 



We love how there are so many versions of this trend now that incorporate beautiful detailing like ruching or cutouts. 

While this silhouette is simple, the chocolate brown color makes it feel so very rich. 

This style is perfect for layering underneath a blazer. 



Last but not least, a portrait of how you'll be feeling once you finally buy into this comfortable legging-alternative.