Blogger Insta-Diaries: 26 Gorgeous Photos From the Streets of Milan

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By the time this reaches you, dear readers, Fashion Month will have faded into a hazy memory of runway shows, after-parties, and incredible outfits. Whether or not you keep close tabs on this frenetic yet fun event, we teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to ensure that this season, all of you get the director’s cut of Fashion Week in Milan. It was the least we could do, and an obvious nod to our noted Italian comrades. We invited five renowned fashion bloggers, including Aimee Song and Sonya Esman, to keep an Insta-diary of their stylish adventures featuring the signature scent (and unofficial local tour guide) of the season, DOLCE by Dolce & Gabbana.

Scroll down to see all the behind-the-scenes Instagrams our bloggers ‘grammed in Milan. 

When everything is larger than life, it’s hard not to give your heart away. We feel you, Aimee. 

Mascarpone or pistachio? 

She makes navigating the streets in high heels look easy.

A little touch-up before stepping out. 

Buongiorno, Sonya! Looks like we may have interrupted a little pillow talk.

Can the makings of each day be this utterly blissful? 

Tsk, tsk. Song of Style and Class Is Internal getting in some trouble in Milano. 

Sonya Esman from Class Is Internal is really excited, and she just can’t hide it. 

We’ve always considered the full skirt to be the national dress of Italy. 

How much is that Dolce in the window? 

Italian marble and an amazing fringe clutch in mid-swing. 

White eyelet cropped trousers and a bloom in hand. 

This eye-catching sequin dress is number-one in our book. 

Every day should start off with fresh flowers.

Look, friends! 

Front-row babes at Dolce & Gabbana. 

We’re giving the green light on this distressed, chic denim jacket. 

Mirror, mirror in Milan…

Visiting the local flower markets is a must. 

We’ll be dreaming of Patricia’s powder blue blouse and pleated trouser combo for seasons to come. 

Patricia may be stopping traffic, but looking both ways (for the cameras) is a smart move. 

A peek of her mod-inspired outfit. 

Patricia Manfield getting carried away by her handsome beau. And yes, we’re jealous. 

Talk about a perfect hair moment!

There’s a street style photo opp on every corner. 

Love always, Dolce. 

Which blogger's Insta-Diary made you wish you were in Milan the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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