This Has to Be the Most 2021 Way to Wear Your Leggings

There's no doubt that leggings have been quite the wardrobe saviour over the past year. Along with joggers, these trousers with stretchy waistbands have allowed us to work from home in as much comfort as possible. But with news of lockdown restrictions easing soon, you, like me, might be feeling a little apprehensive about giving up the delightful easiness of these soft trousers. True, leggings might once have just been associated with slobbing around the house or doing exercise, but these days, they can be much more than that. In fact, there's a super-easy way to ensure these humble jersey trousers can be elevated to a fashion statement. 

According to plenty of influencers, the coolest way to wear your leggings in 2021 is to add an oversize blazer. Whether you're wearing split-hem leggings, sporty, or just classic black, the addition of this jacket will give your outfit the addition it needs to help you feel ready to leave the house without forgoing any comfort. As for shoes, you can go for boots, sandals, or trainers. I've seen plenty of great versions of this outfit combo that are easy to re-create. Keep scrolling to see the seven blazer-and-legging outfits you'll love…

blazers and leggings outfits: tiffany hsu in black leggings and black blazer



Style Notes: Tiffany Hsu's velvet leggings might not be available right now, but if you already own a pair (there are so many about), then you'll see that the addition of a double-breasted black jacket is the key to looking super chic. 

blazers and leggings outfits: dwfashion in a checked blazer and black leggings and vejas



Style Notes: Love your classic black leggings? Add a checked jacket with a white tee and simple white sneakers and you've got yourself a great weekend outfit. 

Style Notes: For the full "wow" factor, take some tips from Bettina Looney with an oversize checked jacket, split-hem leggings, and gold jewellery. Finish with a pair of white shoes.

blazers and leggings outfits: a style edit in a black blazer, boots and black leggings



Style Notes: Want to up the ante for your daily walking wardrobe? Simply add a single-breasted black blazer over a brown roll-neck and black leggings. 

blazers and leggings outfits: emili sindlev in black leggings, a blue blazer and green heels



Style Notes: When we can go out dancing again, this is 100% going to be my go-to look. 

Style Notes: Want to dress up your sporty leggings a bit? You'd be surprised by how great they can look with a pair of black boots and a black blazer. 

blazers and leggings outfits: julia vaughn in a pair of black leggings and black blazer



Style Notes: There's no reason why you can't wear your favourite black heeled sandals with leggings. Save this look for a dinner date.