Lazy Dressing Is In—30 Easy Outfits That Look Hard But Require Zero Effort

As someone with a proclivity for laziness, I've been forced to take up certain habits designed to force productivity. A strict 5 a.m. alarm and 11 p.m. bedtime, pre-scheduled writing times, and meticulously crafted outfit mood boards are essential to my getting things done. And for the most part, these practiced methods work wonders. But sometimes, specifically when sartorial inspiration runs dry, even my most tried-and-true formulas fall short, making outfit creation feel exceptionally tough.

Fortunately, it's become clear to me in recent months that lazy dressing is having a moment. Whereas maximalism once reigned supreme on the runways and the streets, fashion these days is more enamored with simple, chic outfits that require hardly any effort at all, be it a tailored blazer worn with dark-wash jeans or a slip dress styled under a cashmere sweater. In turn, the stress involved with putting together a well-balanced ensemble has become practically irrelevant. 

Below, find 30 outfits that were practically made for lazy dressers. Though, you wouldn't know it by looking at them. 


Blazer + Dark-Wash Jeans
(Image credit: @frannfyne)

There's nothing difficult about pairing a classic tailored blazer with a T-shirt, loafers, and dark-wash jeans that, unlike light-wash and distressed styles, automatically make denim outfits far more impressive. 

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Oversize V-Neck + Slouchy Trousers
(Image credit: @modadamour)

In 2023, looking effortlessly chic and luxurious is as easy as tossing on an oversize cashmere sweater and a pair of trousers purchased in the men's department. Bonus points if you have a maxi-length overcoat to toss on top, giving the entire ensemble a very The Row aesthetic.

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Knit Dress + Utility Boots
(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

No matter the year, season, or occasion, a simple rib-knit dress will be an appropriate and perfect match. Dress one down with a pair of utility boots that will keep you comfortable and on-trend all day long. 

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Bodysuit + High-Rise Jeans
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

Bodysuits are the ultimate lazy-girl basic because they require no annoying tucking or underwear lines. Throw one on with high-rise jeans and a good pair of boots or heels, and you'll look like you put far more work into your outfit than was necessary.

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Maxi Skirt + Matching Sweater
(Image credit: @annelauremais)

Monochrome is one of those trends that make dressing well shockingly easy. Though a maxi skirt and matching sweater fit today's trends best, any two (or more) color-coordinated pieces will get the job done. 

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Leather Jacket + Leggings
(Image credit: @endlesslyloveclub)

It's common knowledge that leggings and lazy dressers are made for each other. But ever since the spring/summer 2023 runways, a new, more fashion-forward way of wearing the comfy staple has arrived and is single-handedly vindicating sartorial sloths everywhere. 

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Belted Dress Coat
(Image credit: @aida.bdji)

The best thing about a long dress coat is that it hides everything worn underneath. That way, you can wear sweatpants without anyone knowing it. For an added touch of style and shape, latch a classic belt around your waist.

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Satin Pants + Cashmere Sweater
(Image credit: @jordanrisa)

Satin and cashmere are luxurious on their own, but together, they combine to create the ultimate opulent experience. Moreover, if you already own a cashmere sweater and satin pants (my favorite pair is from Vince, but both H&M and The Row have great options as well), putting them together can be done in seconds. 

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Black Midi Dress + Over-the-Knee Boots
(Image credit: @giasinatra)

Little black dresses are iconic for a reason. Easy, classic, and indisputably chic, they are the perfect wardrobe staple to toss on when you have absolutely no idea what to wear. My suggestion? Pair it with over-the-knee boots for a casual-cool combo that's sure to bring on the compliments. 

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Loungewear Set + Faux-Fur Coat
(Image credit: @annabelrosedahl)

A faux-fur coat is one of those wardrobe items that you can use to elevate an outfit to heights unheard of simply by slipping into its sleeves and heading out the door. Feel free to leave on your at-home loungewear set underneath—no changing necessary. 

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Capri Leggings + Dress Coat
(Image credit: @alicezielasko)

A nice coat and some chic slingbacks are all you need to turn capri leggings into a full fashion look. In other words, you don't have to reserve your leggings just for working out. The lazy-girl favorite is stylish for every occasion. 

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Striped Knit + Wide-Leg Jeans
(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

French girls are stylish because of their effortless, laissez-faire attitude toward dressing. Of all the items they're known to wear on repeat, striped knits are among their most frequent. Style one with a quality pair of wide-leg jeans and some black boots to get the Parisian look. 

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Pullover + Slip Dress
(Image credit: @dawn.tan)

Slip dresses literally slide on effortlessly, making them a perfect choice for us lazy dressers. Sock boots and a cozy pullover will turn the warm weather–friendly frock into an easy yet upscale outfit for those chilly days when you don't want to wear loungewear but want to feel like you are. 

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Silk Pajamas + Blanket Coat
(Image credit: @sarahlouiseblythe)

Then again, there are days when pajamas are all you can really muster. And that's fine as long as said pjs are silky and worn alongside a luxurious blanket coat that can hide 99% of the contents underneath. 

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Leather Jacket + Vintage Jeans
(Image credit: @aishafarida)

Find someone who doesn't already own a leather jacket and a pair of vintage or vintage-inspired jeans—I'll wait. Because of their ever-present nature, the two items make for the perfect no-effort pairing that never gets old. 

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Tissue Turtleneck + Pleated Trousers
(Image credit: @stephaniebroek)

If you want to look as effortlessly cool as someone decked out in The Row, this is the low-lift look for you. Pick up a tissue-thin turtleneck sweater from COS, Everlane, or J.Crew and toss it on with any pair of pleated trousers. Trust me—this recipe has been creating outfits for editors for years. 

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White Jeans + Ballet Flats
(Image credit: @lizzyhadfield)

Though you'll have to be careful of spills, wearing white jeans is an instantaneous way to defy outdated fashion rules without trying too hard (or at all, really), especially if it's not summer. 

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Maxi Dress + Oversize Blazer
(Image credit: @jullie.jeine)

When in doubt, throw a blazer over whatever you're wearing to dress it up and make it look like you put some thought into your outfit (even if you didn't). Bonus points if you keep your entire outfit black, the secret to any lazy-chic look. 

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