The Sandals You'll See in Every London Park This Summer

Like fine wine or elegant cheeses, it looks like Birkenstock sandals are only getting better with age. At 245 years old, these classic shoes are doing well—really well. The company has tripled its sales since 2012, which is no surprise considering we see its signature sandals consistently popping up on our Instagram feeds again this season. They've long shed the reputation of solely being associated with quirky hippie uncles. In a similar vein to Levi's jeans or Dr. Martens boots, Birkenstock sandals are beloved by all (definitely still including said uncles), and this means fashion people as well.

The Birkenstock revival among fashion people can largely be attributed to Phoebe Philo producing a similar sandal style for Céline during her tenure at the French house. Of course, the coolest of the cool—Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—have been longtime Birk-wearers, but in a year when leading trends include all-beige outfits, it looks like more and more of us are leaning toward Birks for our summer sandals. With the Arizona style in the top spot, we're seeing these sandals paired with any kind of outfit, proving their versatility no matter your style.

Best Birkenstock Sandals: Frances McDormand in Arizona Valentino sandals at the Oscars 2019


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Of course, the brand's recent collaborations with high-fashion brands Rick Owens and Valentino (see: Frances McDormand on the Oscars stage in a custom pair) has cemented their very cool status. These collections have their own cult followings and sell out fast but have definitely put Birkenstocks front and centre for fashion people. Keep scrolling to see and shop the best Birkenstock sandals you can invest in this year. They get better with age, so trust me when I say they'll last you a long time and will never go out of style…


Street style stars and influencers are loving the classic Arizona sandals right now. This includes everyone from minimalists like Brittany Bathgate to the Italian designer Gilda Ambrosio, who usually pushes the boundaries way OTT when it comes to her personal style.


The addition of the rubber, lightweight waterproof "beach sandals" have made Birkenstocks even more popular in recent years. In fact, they account for as much as 15% of the 25 million pairs of shoes the company made last year. Not only are they more affordable than the classics, but the monochromatic look also gives each pair a contemporary style update.


Of course, the thong versions of Birkenstock sandals are also popular and even made for a chic wedding-guest footwear choice for one of my fave style people, Stella von Senger.



Isabel Mundigo-Moore

I'm a big fan of the clogs, and the white pair I bought last year has unexpectedly garnered me quite a few compliments. Inspired by the Gucci pair Instagram legend Raven Smith wears, I bought the original Birkenstock ones and wear them with anything from a skirt to jeans (weather permitting).