This 61-Year-Old Shoe Brand Is Set for Another Comeback

While the chaos of our world is leaving us with a sense of uncertainty, it looks like fashion people are staying firmly planted in the ground this summer. Quite literally. As season's annual cues mark the beginning of the warmer months (gardens blooming and sunlight returning to our daily lives), when it comes to our shoe trends, we're staying put.

Last winter saw the proliferation of the chunky boot trend, while cult Scandi brand Ganni put practicality and utility at the core of its collection. With "outdoorsy athleisure" predicted to remain a key trend for the coming seasons, we're beginning to see the evolution of the practical fashion trend continue into summer.

We're anticipating that this need to anchor ourselves in chunky footwear will be best met with a pair of Dr. Martens sandals. Last year, sales of this shoe staple rose 35% in Europe, as the demand for 1460 boots and 1461 shoes skyrocketed. So it would only make sense that this year, the brand's sandals will quickly become a cult favourite.


(Image credit: @asos_lotte)

In its 61-year history, the timeless designs of Dr. Martens shoes have evolved from strictly workwear to punk must-haves to fashion-girl staples. Let's just say they work for everyone.


(Image credit: @tineandreaa)

Similar to the Birkenstock revival, the expected popularity of Dr. Martens sandals can be attributed to this enduring style and the durability of the shoes, with lightweight and vegan versions available as well.


(Image credit: @tineandreaa)

We already saw a few of our favourite Scandi influencers wearing them last summer, but we are certain these will start popping up on our feeds a lot more this year. The chunky sole synonymous with the brand makes for sturdy summer shoes, while the minimalist look means you can wear these sandals with anything from summer dresses to jeans and a nice top. 


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