I'm a 34DD, so Shopping for Swimwear Online Isn't Easy—10 Epic Styles I Tried

Shopping for swimsuits used to be the absolute bane of my existence, and I just know that many of us share the same experience. No matter what brand I tried, I always felt like I had to switch up what size I ordered. Having a bigger bust and smaller frame meant that my top size and bottom size never lined up. This led to many, many returns and unhappy package deliveries.

I finally found some peace of mind when Triangl first blew up. I don't know about you, but when the brand first launched, it was the only thing I ever saw when I opened the Instagram app. It carries something called "Small ++" for people who wouldn't fit into a large band but have a larger cup size. I was in heaven upon my discovery of the brand's swimsuits.

Things have gratefully become much easier for me in the swimsuit department, as I've figured out which suits to buy by taking very close looks at the size and fit section and learning which brands I trust. My picks below work on much more than just my body type, so find your new summer 'fit below.

I stared at this swimsuit for weeks before I finally gave in, and I have absolutely no regrets. This is such a great style that I think everyone can benefit from wearing.

I heard that Riot Swim is known for making excellent swimsuits, and after trying this set on, I can confirm it's true. Each piece hugs the body just right and looks so great all together.

I always need to have a good cover-up that matches every suit that I own, so I'm very excited about this one.

Muehleder will bring just the right amount of drama to your swimsuit collection. I love a triangle bikini more than anything, but this one just feels extra special. The dramatic ties just do it for me.

The neoprene fabric is my favorite part.

This is the type of swimsuit that makes you stop scrolling every time it comes up on your Instagram feed. After taking one look at this suit, I immediately fell in love. The chain detailing is everything.

You have to see the one-piece version of this look.

Nothing feels more luxurious to me than a trendy one-piece. Cutouts are trending hard right now, and so is a sparkly suit. Combining both trends is genius.

Why wear one swimsuit when you can wear two? I can't get over how unique and fun this swimsuit is. I think we can all agree that I need it in every color.

If you have a bigger bust, try going one to two sizes larger on the top. I went up to a large but also could've worn an XL.

I'm convinced that orange just might be the greatest color to wear in a swimming pool. The sharp contrast against the blue is everything. I love how supportive this bustier top is, so I highly suggest you give it a try.

These will never fall off when you jump in.

For when you hop out of the pool in style.

I'm madly in love with this swimsuit, and for good reason. The bright colors will make it stand out on the beach, and the tulip-inspired shape on the bust is very unique.

This was the first swimsuit I put on when I left for my most recent vacation.

With glitter being one of the biggest trends as of late, we can look to a satin finish as the next trend to watch. This suit is exactly what I needed to remind myself of how much I love Triangl.

We all love a good string bikini.

Dramatic florals have caught everyone's eye, and you can't go to the beach without seeing a bikini like this. I love a bandeau top because it means fewer tan lines and more fun.

It's the U detail on the top for me.

I love that the bottoms have a bit of a higher rise to them.