Gigi Hadid Is All Over This Swimsuit Brand, so I Put It to the Test

Walking through the streets of New York City the past few days, I've consistently seen a line that spanned multiple blocks of women waiting to go into a SoHo clothing store. If you know New York, you know this is nothing new. But as a shopping fanatic, I had to know what was getting the girls so excited. I'm not one to let an investigation interrupt my commute, so I took to social media to find out what exactly the hype in SoHo is about this time around. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a Frankies Bikinis sale that received all of this attention.

The brand has received quite a lot of fanfare, so when I was assigned the role of testing out its pieces for myself I was ecstatic. I have to start off by telling you how good the sizing is. I always order the same size when I first try out a new swimsuit brand and often end up disappointed when the fit doesn't come out just right. In the case of Frankies Bikinis, everything was as true to size as can be which is a genuine refresher. The fabrics were also next-level, coming in many textures. They've also already survived my first wash without a scratch. I could go on for ages, so let's just get to the swimsuits.

First up, I had to start off with the Frankies Bikinis forever best seller. I see why the Tia Set is such a hit with its customers (have you ever seen anything more flattering than this?). I picked it up in the plissé fabric which was such a fun way to add texture to my suit. I am warning you in advance that you'll be seeing me in this swimsuit everywhere I go this summer—from New York to Miami to the Amalfi Coast.

Shop the swimsuit:

It's impossible not to feel perky in this top.

If you love jewelry as much as I do, you're going to need to see this set. It's the perfect way to combine your inner flirtiness with a bit of an edge. With Y2K details from bubblegum pink to chains and embellishments, you'll never wear anything more on-trend to the beach.

Shop the swimsuit:

We love what a halter neck bikini top does for us.

The terry trend is back again just in time for summer. Your favorite swimsuit should be just as soft and cozy as your towel. It basically feels like wearing a blanket without any added heat. The floral motif makes people want to take a closer look.

Shop the swimsuit:

This is the kind of top I wear when I know that I'm really going to be swimming laps.

This swimsuit is so good it's already sold out multiple times and only dropped about a month ago. If you don't move fast, you'll be in the preorder crowd. As a part of Gigi Hadid's collaboration with the brand, this suit was one of the bestsellers and I see why. For days when I want to cover up more but still look cute, I'll definitely be bringing it along for the ride.

Shop the swimsuit:

If Kim Kardashian picked a swimsuit from the lineup, I believe this would be at the top of her list. She is all about sporty swimwear, and this just has to be the one. I am not always a fan of high-waisted swimsuits since it feels like the trend has passed, but this one manages to remain very cool.

Shop the swimsuit:

A strapless top that managees to keep itself on my body is always a good find.

Say hello to the monokini. I think this is one of the most underrated swimsuit styles, and let me tell you why: It just might be the most flattering one that shows off the right parts of the body. Plus, it feels different from what most other people happen to be wearing. 

Shop More Summer Swim

Another very flattering set arrives on the scene.

This is going to be on all of the It girls this summer.

Flossy straps are very on-trend right now.

If someone invites me for a day of watersports, here's what I'm wearing.

You already know how much I love monokinis.

I think we can both agree that you need this.