These Are the 7 Best Midsize Brands—Trust Me, I've Tried Them All


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Coming up in the fashion industry during an age when size diversity is finally being recognized, I feel like I'm watching history unfold. There has been so much well-deserved attention on improving the plus-size market and holding brands accountable for their role in this process. While the love for plus-size fashion is long overdue, it's important to also recognize the midsize category. For women who fall between sizes 10 and 16, it's a challenge to find the right store to shop at. While standard sizes don't quite fit, plus sizes tend to be too large. 

However, the days of midsize fashion being overlooked are coming to an end, and many amazing brands have stepped up and begun to offer a range of sizes that suit all of their customers. Renata D'Agrella is a leading member of the social media community that has been dedicated to shining light on midsize fashion and empowering women to feel confident in whatever they choose to wear. So who better to ask about the best midsize fashion brands? Below, she shares her seven favorite designers that carry the best pieces in a wide range of sizes. 

1. Reformation


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"Reformation is the best place to get summer and wedding guest dresses. The quality is great, and the fit is incredible. Reformation gives off 'cool-girl' energy, and since it has extended sizing, it allows everyone to participate in its aesthetic." —D'Agrella

2. Amazon


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"Amazon's Essentials brand is my go-to for workout and athleisure wear. It has everything from matching sets to tennis skirts and bodysuits that will make you feel and look good at the gym. Its basics are great-quality, and with two-day shipping, it's perfect when you need something in a rush. The Drop has also allowed many mid- and plus-size creators to release collections catered to their audience that are both cute and affordable! Not only does Amazon carry extended sizing regularly, but it helps to give mid- and plus-size creators a voice!" — D'Agrella

3. Good American


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"Good American is the BEST place to get high-quality premium denim. It is definitely a bit of a splurge, but the quality is the best. I have never had jeans fit better than my Good American pair, and they are worth every penny. I also love that when a retailer carries the brand, it has to buy the entire size range and keep all of the sizes together in the same place. Often, midsize and plus-size clothing gets pushed to an attic or a basement in department stores, so it’s nice that [the brand] sells the entire collection altogether." — D'Agrella

4. Tanya Taylor


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"Tanya Taylor is definitely one of my favorite brands to browse and splurge on. It carries up to 3X in many styles and has some of the cutest summer dresses and work-appropriate clothing on the market. I just really love the fit and quality of all of its clothes. The price point is definitely a little high, but it also has some pieces on Rent the Runway, which helps to make it more accessible." — D'Agrella

5. Victoria's Secret


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"Growing up, Victoria's Secret was a brand that was very exclusionary, but after a successful rebrand, it has been able to regain the trust of me and many other women! It now carries up to an XXL in most pieces, which translates to a size 18/20! Its lingerie is modern and sexy, bras and undies are comfortable and cute, and I am most impressed with its swim collection. Victoria's Secret has some of the trendiest affordable swim for midsize bodies. I have truly fallen in love with the brand." — D'Agrella

6. Abercrombie


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"Abercrombie is my one-stop shop to find all of my clothing needs for any occasion! It carries everything—denim, swim, workout sets, basics, cute tops, and dresses all in extended sizing both in-store and online! It has high-quality pieces at AMAZING prices, and its wedding guest dress edit is STUNNING!" — D'Agrella

7. Selkie


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"I am a bit obsessed with the princess-core/Bridgerton aesthetic, and Selkie has been my favorite brand with this kind of vibe. Its whimsical, romantic dresses make me and many other women feel super feminine and beautiful. Selkie carries from XXS to 5X and is a low-waste company, so while the prices are high, I feel good supporting an inclusive brand with an amazing mission!" — D'Agrella

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