I'm a 34DD, and These Are the Spring Pieces That Work for My Body

I hate finding the perfect spring piece, trying it on, and then realizing it doesn’t fit my curves. Anyone with a bigger bust or a curvier figure, in general, can probably relate to that grueling moment where you’re in the dressing room, and those jeans won’t get over your hips, or that perfect cutout piece literally looks like dental floss. Loving fashion and having curves can sometimes be frustrating, but does it really have to be? Finding clothing for bigger busts can be a challenge, but as an editor, I’ve found that you can find great pieces that are well-fitted and stylish with enough digging. The key? Don’t feel tied to only buying “bust-friendly” clothing or brands. You don’t need to buy that over-ruffled high-neck top to cover up your chest (unless you want to). You can find sultry cutout dresses or corset-inspired bodysuits that work for your bigger bust. You have to be willing to take a chance and try out different pieces in different sizes until you find the ones that work for your body. 

While I can’t tell you what pieces will work for you, I can tell you that there are so many great brands worth trying out. Need proof? Ahead, I tried on six pieces from our very own Who What Wear Collection to determine how well they work for my 34DD chest. Keep reading for my honest reviews and a few tips on finding spring clothing for bigger busts.

On Jasmine: Quay Australia x Paris So Serious 38mm Round Sunglasses ($65); Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); I.Am.Gia Anastasia Jacket ($120); Who What Wear Collection Imani Ribbed Knit Sleeveless Turtleneck Tank ($125); Aritzia Babaton Bazaar Pant ($148); Mlouye Helix Multicolor Bag ($485); Monse heels

Who What Wear Collection Imani Ribbed Knit Sleeveless Turtleneck Tank

My Review: It’s rare for me to love a shirt on the rack as much as on my body, but that’s not the case with this Who What Wear Collection Imani ribbed knit sleeveless turtleneck tank. First off, we must take a moment to respect the collar on this—it’s too cute. The ribbed knit fabric is way more luxe than I initially thought it would be, but it has the perfect amount of stretch (which is ideal for anyone with big boobs). Candidly, when it comes to new collections, it can take time for the sizing to get right, but I finally feel like our collection’s sizing is on point with this top.

My tip is to always read the sizing reviews before committing. And since reviews said this top was true-to-size, I got it in a medium. It was a great call because there was no uni-boob situation happening; it fit perfectly and made me feel downright posh. If that weren’t enough, every time I stepped out in this top, I had people coming up to me telling me how cute my outfit was, so this top is everything and then some in my book.

On Jasmine: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Missoma Coterie Chain Necklace ($245); Staud Raspberry Moon Bag ($295); Who What Wear Collection Haley Corset Bodysuit ($95); Desigual Newspaper Collage Miniskirt ($130); Marion Parke Raina Flared Kitten Sandal ($525)

Who What Wear Collection Haley Corset Bodysuit

My Review: Anyone with big boobs knows that bodysuits are probably one of these hardest pieces to find. Not only does it need to fit your chest, but it can be too oversize on your tummy, and if you’re like me, it also has to fit your hips and butt. So I was anxious to test out our Haley Corset Bodysuit because everything about it is perfect (from the curved bodice to the price), and I didn’t want to be disappointed. Luckily, I wasn’t. I ordered it in a medium and was impressed that I didn’t feel like a sausage trying to squeeze into it.

When shopping for a bodysuit for a bigger bust, I recommend looking for a fabric that has stretch—like this one! The subtle ribbing on this WWWC piece allows the suit to look fitted like a corset, but the stretchy knit lets you breathe. It did feel a teensy bit snug when trying to button up (blame the booty), but the fit around my boobs was *chef’s kiss* so it made up for it. It’s the perfect piece to pair with a miniskirt for spring, and I regret not getting it in both colors.

On Jasmine: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Missoma Coterie Chain Necklace ($245); Urban Revivo Plaid Pattern Double Breasted Blazer ($90); Who What Wear Collection Norah Collared Bodysuit ($110); Aritzia Babaton Bazaar Pant ($148); JW Pei Gabby Green Grass Bag ($89); Monse heels

Who What Wear Collection Norah Collared Bodysuit

My Review: The first time I spotted our Norah Collared Bodysuit, I was crying/screaming/throwing up. Dramatic? Yes. But can you blame me? The color is arguably one of the hottest of the moment, so I knew I had to get my hands on this bodysuit. I ordered it in a medium, and it’s true to size. There’s no suffocation of the chest here. And it’s a lightweight fabric, so it’s ideal for spring, but candidly, it was a bit too sheer for my taste. I struggled to find the right bra to wear underneath and ended up going braless. A reminder for all my friends with bigger boobs to learn from my mistake and always read the reviews about the fabric’s opacity and plan your undergarment game accordingly. 

Despite the top being a little sheer, it’s so comfortable that it makes it ideal for wearing to work under a blazer or with a pencil skirt. The more conservative V-neck saves you from worrying about your bust poppin‘ out; instead, you can just let the color do the poppin‘.

On Jasmine: Jacquemus earrings; Who What Wear Collection Fox Keyhole Midi Dress ($155); Noiranca Patti Clutch ($260); Steve Madden Bone Twists Sandal ($110)

Who What Wear Collection Fox Keyhole Midi Dress

My Review: I love cutouts in all forms, but finding ones that fit curvier figures can be a challenge. So when WWWC released this keyhole dress (which also happens to be inspired by one of my last names), I knew I had to test-drive it for spring. I love this dress because while it has the sultry tiny keyhole, it’s a midi length, so you’re not bearing it all. The colorway is also exceptionally delicious and the perfect transitional hue for spring. 

I ordered it in a medium, and it was pretty true to size. It was the perfect length, fit my hips and tummy well, and fit my chest for the most part. It was a teensy bit tighter around my boobs than I would have preferred (so anyone with cups above DD might want to size up), but it’s not creating that awful pancake look that would deter me from ever wearing it again. It’s a cute piece; I think for anyone bustier, you’ll have to keep in mind that the keyhole will show the girlies, but if you’re good with it, then no problem.

For the devout lovers of all-black everything, this dress is a must-have. 

On Jasmine: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Missoma Coterie Chain Necklace ($245); Who What Wear Collection Lindsey Ribbed Mock-Neck Sweater ($135) and Ellis Midi Skirt With Slit ($155); Daniela Uribe Be Yourself Pump ($750)

Who What Wear Collection Lindsey Ribbed Mock-Neck Sweater and Ellis Midi Skirt With Slit

My Review: When in doubt, I always turn to turtlenecks. Sometimes having big boobs is too much to handle, so throwing on a turtleneck is the best way to keep it moving. Not all turtlenecks are created equal—some don’t have enough stretch for the chest or end up turning into a crop top because of your boobs, so I always recommend checking the fabric details. I was interested to see if the Who What Wear Collection Lindsey Ribbed Mock-Neck Sweater I’ve been lusting after would stand the big-titty test. (It did, in case you were wondering.) I ordered it in a medium, and it was the perfect fit. It had just the right amount of stretch for my chest, the hemline was excellent, the fabric was über-soft, and the contrasting ribbed detail shook me. Honestly, this might be the best turtleneck I’ve found in a long time, and I can see myself wearing it for seasons to come with my little leather WWWC skirt.

Shop the pieces:

Yes, this is a story about pieces that work for my bust, but I can’t skip plugging this skirt because it’s one of the best pieces I own. 

On Jasmine: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Who What Wear Collection Shadow Matilda Wavy Ribbed Cardigan ($135) and Shadow Wendy Wavy Ribbed Skirt ($135); BY FAR Micro Cush Ivory Spray Print Leather Bag ($325); Kat Maconie Itzel Chain Heel Sandals ($345)

Who What Wear Collection Shadow Matilda Wavy Ribbed Cardigan and Wendy Wavy Ribbed Skirt

My Review: Last but not least, I wanted to test out our beloved Matilda Wavy Ribbed Cardigan and matching Wendy Wavy Ribbed Skirt. Knitted sets continue to be one of the hottest trends among the fashion set, and after trying on this set, I have to say I get the hype. I cannot emphasize enough how sets are the perfect thing to invest in for spring—especially when they’re as cute as this one. Let me first start off by saying that for people with curves (whether you’re busty like I am or have a booty), the key to finding the right knit set is shopping for them in the same manner you do swimsuits. You don’t have to buy the bottom and top in the same size. In fact, I got the cardigan in a large because I knew it ran a little small and the skirt in a medium, and it was the best move. The fit on both pieces gave me the perfect silhouette, and I wasn’t worried about anything being too big or too small. I love everything about this set, from the fit to the fabric. It’s my new favorite.

You can also style this with a great button-up. 

In conclusion: Finding the right pieces for spring doesn’t have to be a bust if you have a bigger bust. Trying on some of our Who What Wear Collection spring pieces reminded me that you can find trend-forward items that work for your bust no matter what cup size you wear. You just have to be flexible about your sizing, be willing to try things, and, most importantly, know where to shop.