I Work Out Religiously, and These Are the 4 Sets I Swear By

The best workout clothing sets



As someone who thoroughly enjoys eating, I consider working out just as much of a necessity as it is a pleasure. I essentially work out to balance a lot of the indulging I partake in. But what started out as something strictly to "cancel out" my foodie lifestyle is now something I actually enjoy and look forward to. For me, exercise is just as good for my physical health as it is for my mental health. I always feel clearer after Pilates, and it really helps keep my anxiety and stress levels down.

With the dedication I've found to working out is also the need for activewear clothing that I can count on. I've become increasingly picky when it comes to selecting a workout set, as it has to match certain criteria. It needs to be comfortable enough to get through a strenuous Pilates class but also made of performance fabric that will move with me and not interfere with my workout. Oh, and obviously it needs to look good too.

Taking this checklist of criteria into consideration, I've narrowed it down to a very select few workout sets that I wear on repeat. Below, I'm highlighting a few of the best workout clothing sets I've come across.


This top feels totally supportive, yet never digs into you.

These are high-waisted (which is a must for me when looking for leggings), and the wide waistband feels like it hugs you without suffocating you. 


This fabric is insanely comfortable for how much support it offers.

I was shocked by how flattering a gray legging could be. 


If you're into prints, this camo set is beyond cool.

Wear the leggings with the matching top if you want to go bold, or pair it with a solid black or gray top for a more subtle look. 


My holy-grail workout outfit will always be a solid black sports bra and matching leggings.

These are the leggings you'll want to do way more than just work out in. 

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Even those print-averse will be into these leggings.

This back detailing is so pretty.

The pattern on these makes them feel elevated.