The Trend I Never Thought of Wearing to the Gym—Until Now


(Image credit: @meganbeauchamp)

Confession: I'm the type of person who stakes out a spot in the back of a yoga class. I arrive early, lay out my mat in the far back corner, and attempt to blend into the background so I can focus on the flow. So it probably comes as no surprise that I tend to shy away from wearing bright, boldly printed activewear. Essentially, my workout wardrobe consists of two identical pairs of black leggings I wear on repeat and a selection of old college tees in rotation.

But in an effort to test out one of the season's most talked-about activewear trends, I recently swapped my go-to black yoga pants and overworn college tees for a matching gym set in a dark floral print. Although the change wasn't exactly life-changing, making this simple swap did give me a bit of a confidence boost. I found myself trying more advanced poses, challenging myself to hold them longer, and generally pushing myself to do better. While I'm not planning on moving to the front of the class anytime soon, I am planning on investing in a few more bold, matching sets.

Want to give it a try? Scroll on to shop my favorite matching sets, including the one that made me a convert, below.

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