This Underwear Has Over 6100 Great Reviews on Amazon

If you sift through the genuine reviews and comments on Amazon, you can find some great advice. There’s nothing that compares to the honest opinions of like-minded shoppers, especially when it comes to an item where you want the fit to be perfect, like underwear. What does it take for over 6100 customers to submit their glowing reviews? Top concerns include comfort, an affordable price, and styles that won’t budge.

To take out the legwork, we did some digging to round up the very best-reviewed women’s underwear on Amazon. We’re breaking it down by style, so whether you’re on the hunt for an everyday bikini cut, shapewear for a big event, or the best style to wear under your leggings, we’ve got you covered. Want to find out and see the best underwear to start wearing?

Keep reading to see the underwear with the highest Amazon ratings.