20 Unique Engagement Rings That Look Like Diamonds—But Aren't

In a sea of diamond-flanked center stones, unique has become the name of the game when it comes to engagement rings. Between the resurgence of funky Art Deco styles and deconstructed settings, it seems that everyone is searching for a ring that no one else has.

The rise of white sapphire engagement rings also falls in line with this trend. A popular, budget-friendly alternative to diamonds, white sapphires are durable, chemically pure crystals that are actually more rare than diamonds.

While white sapphires and diamonds actually look rather similar, the difference lies in the sheen. These colorless gemstones are slightly lighter in color and emit more of a glow rather than a sparkle (a hallmark of traditional diamond rings). Best of all, they're incredibly affordable—you can find a stunning white sapphire ring for under $1000.

Below, shop 20 unique white-sapphire engagement rings that bear a striking resemblance to diamonds, but feature a more unique center stone.

$500 or Less

Jamie Park Jewelry offers a stunning array of affordable white sapphire rings like this stunning oval piece.

This pear white sapphire ring was inspired by the Victorian era. 

The intricate twine band adds a unique touch to this white sapphire ring.

We love the subtle art deco feel of this minimalist ring.

$500 to $1000

New York City–based brand Natural Sapphire Company has been cutting, polishing, and certifying all of their gems in-house since 1939.

You can build your own custom engagement ring on Gemvara's site.

This pear-shaped white sapphire ring is perfectly understated.

Glimmering diamonds flank all five white-sapphire stones on this stunning ring.

$1000 to $1500

The 14k rose-gold band makes this white-sapphire ring even more unique.

Every ethically sourced ring purchased from Do Amore helps provide clean water for communities in need.

Brilliant Earth also allows you to create your own custom engagement ring.

This elegant engagement ring features three white-sapphire stones.

You can choose a white sapphire, pearl, or moissanite center stone when designing this custom trilogy ring.

$1500 and Up

Vancouver-based Evorden specializes in custom, handcrafted rings—like this striking marquise-cut piece.

Stand out with this striking emerald-cut white sapphire ring.

This white sapphire stone is nearly indistinguishable from a classic diamond.

Diamonds flank this dramatic marquise-cut white-sapphire stone.

You can hand-select the stone, stone shape, and primary metal on each custom Gemvara piece.

Next up, your comprehensive guide to the engagement ring trends of 2020.

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