11 Brands That Make the Coolest Non-Basic Engagement Rings


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There's absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional engagement ring. They're timeless and classic for a reason. But if your aesthetic veers more toward the nontraditional and you're seeking a unique ring style, we're here to recommend some ideal jewelry designers for that.

The beauty of an alternative engagement ring is that it has the potential to truly show the wearer's personality. Not a diamond person? There are countless colored gemstone rings or non-white diamonds (e.g., black, champagne, and yellow) that you might love. Not into traditional solitaire or halo settings? You're about to see some unique settings. Want a vintage ring or a starkly modern style? We found those too. 

Scroll on to meet 11 of our favorite jewelry designers for nontraditional engagement rings, and shop a few of our favorite current styles from each (or just casually send this to your significant other).

Love Adorned

If you're seeking an excellent curation of vintage and one-of-a-kind styles, NYC-based Love Adorned's selection will truly blow you away.


Wwake has long been one of our favorite jewelry brands for modern, delicate designs. It's really stepped up its engagement ring designs recently and the outside-the-box options repeatedly make our jaws drop.

Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield has truly paved the way for nontraditional engagement ring designers, having long worked with non-diamond gemstones and stunning non-basic settings that are both timeless and wearable.

Susan Highsmith

Brooklyn-based Susan Highsmith needs to be on your radar if you love old-world designs and rich 18-karat gold. 


Susan Highsmith Jubilee Ring (price upon request)


Susan Highsmith Majestic Ring (price upon request)

Ashley Zhang

NYC jewelry designer Ashley Zhang is a favorite among the fashion crowd, so it makes sense that her engagement rings are ridiculously stylish.

Sofia Zakia

If you love astrology and mythology, Sofia Zakia's sculptural, symbolic pieces will leave you mesmerized.


It's not surprising that New Zealand–based Meadowlark has gained a celebrity following since it came on the scene in 2006. The modern twists on traditional settings the designers come up with will make your jaw drop.


Los Angeles–based KatKim, another celebrity favorite, is known for its modern, architecturally inspired pieces. Each one of its beautiful diamond rings makes a bold statement.


KatKim Asscher Diamond Cosma Ring (price upon request)

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche has long been known for its fine and costume jewelry, but were you aware she has plenty of stunning rings that could easily be worn as engagement rings. If your style is best described as California girl, you've found your match. 

Ken & Dana Design

Ken & Dana Design's rings have a distinctive sculptural, organic feel to them, and many of them can be customized to your specifications. Once you see the options, you won't be surprised that it's been in the jewelry and gemstone business for over 40 years.

Single Stone

Single Stone's heirloom-quality pieces are antique restorations at their finest. If you want a vintage ring that's in perfect condition and will last a lifetime, this is it.

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