25 Stunning Art Deco Engagement Rings You Can Actually Buy Online

Nearly a century after its inception, Art Deco style is making its bold, extravagant comeback. Once an expression of '20s grandeur, Art Deco's geometric patterns, liberal use of symmetry, and vibrant jewel tones continue to infiltrate modern-day fashion, art, interior design, and jewelry. Case in point: the resurgence of Art Deco engagement rings.

While minimalistic rings remain popular, bold sapphires and layered geometrical shapes are becoming more and more commonplace. Time-honored retailers like Bloomingdale's as well as modern boutiques like KatKim are leaning into the vibrancy, creativity, and opulence that defined the movement. Jewelers are even expanding their collection of genuine antique Art Deco jewelry for customers to purchase online.

The Hallmarks of Art Deco & Art Deco-Inspired Jewelry

True to form, Art Deco jewelry is easily identifiable. The style was all about modernity and optimism for the future—everything from skyscrapers to engagement rings were a show of opulence and excess. By the mid-20s and '30s, iconic jewelers like Tiffany & Co. began experimenting with more ornate settings and flashier designs. As Los Angeles–based jewelry company Trumpet & Horn reports, defining characteristics of Art Deco engagement rings and other jewelry from this time period include:

Symmetrical designs.
Layered geometrical shapes, including squares, triangles, and octagons.
Brightly colored jewels, including rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.
Lighter metals, such as silver, white, gold, and platinum.

Investing in a Vintage Art Deco Ring vs. Buying a Modern Style

The decision to invest in a vintage Art Deco engagement ring or opt for a more modern, Art Deco–inspired piece is entirely up to the customer. Of course, genuine vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind and have a priceless historical aspect that no modern-day jeweler can re-create.

Plus, these pieces may even increase in value over time. Modern pieces, on the other hand, typically offer a more subtle take on the style. Jewelers are able to pick and choose the Art Deco design elements they want to feature, as opposed to including a geometric design, layered diamonds, and a colorful center stone in each piece.

Whether you're looking to buy an Art Deco–inspired ring or hunt down the perfect vintage piece, you can purchase your dream ring online at the following retailers:

Vintage: Brilliant Earth, Etsy, Filligree Jewelers, James Allen, Erstwhile Jewelry

Modern: KatKim, Catbird, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Ashley Zhang Jewelry

Below, shop the 25 most stunning vintage and modern Art Deco engagement rings.

KatKim's liberal use of triangles in its latest designs give a nod to Art Deco style.

This Catbird wedding exclusive is modern Art Deco done right.

A stunning option for those who favor a brightly-colored stone.

This emerald-cut sapphire engagement ring is one of a kind.

This piece features a moissanite stone for a more budget-conscious purchase that still stuns.

Does it get any better than this perfectly modern Art Deco–inspired ring?

It doesn't get any more unique than a ruby -and-diamond engagement ring.

We love the beautiful milgrain detail on this vintage-inspired solitaire ring.

Erstwhile Jewelry has an incredibly impressive collection of vintage Art Deco engagement rings.

Does it get any more jaw-dropping than this vintage-inspired solitaire engagement ring?

This solitaire vintage Art Deco ring features a stunning center stone.

You'll be sure to stand out with this deconstructed emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

This stunning emerald cut brings sleek simplicity to an Art Deco style.

ManiaMania knows how to do jaw-dropping sapphires.

This dazzling ring was inspired by designer Hayley Paige’s ethereal wedding dresses.

This vintage yellow-gold solitaire ring is another Art Deco original.

Intricate milgrained shoulders accent this simple, sweet deco ring.

This understated baguette diamond ring is perfect for minimalists.

We love the subtle Art Deco feel of this 2.8-carat emerald-cut engagement ring.

This ornate ring is a perfect example of the intricacy that went into Art Deco–era jewelry.

The intricate setting give this piece a distinct vintage feel.

A modern design perfectly infused with Art Deco.

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