These $22 Underwear "Majorly" Minimize Panty Lines

While browsing Reformation’s gift-guide section, we came across the below pair of underwear that, at just one glance, look incredibly soft and so much more. It’s no surprise the brand included Patagonia in its gift guide, as both brands are aligned with the same eco-mission and sustainable focus. What is slightly surprising is that Patagonia designs underwear—the brand is best known for its quality outerwear and outdoor clothing. Intrigued, we went on and read the description of the barely there bikini bottoms, and Reformation describes the style as “a low-rise panty with seamless construction to minimize panty lines and soft Merrow-stitch finish at leg holes for added comfort next to skin.” We’re all for underwear that helps minimize any VPLs, so with that said, we’re adding these to our shopping cart while they are still on sale.

Shop the underwear everyone is buying on Reformation below.

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