The 25 Best Backpacks for Work and Travel


Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Whether you are hauling your lunch, laptop, and gym clothes to and fro each day in your commute or racing through an airport terminal in need of a fourth arm to juggle your coffee, boarding pass, and beach read, sometimes the pragmatism of a backpack just can't be beat. If you've resisted a backpack for fear of the fashion police coming for you, we've got some bad news: saddling yourself up with tote bags isn't the answer, and all that imbalanced schlepping can do some serious damage to your posture and muscles.

Below, we've rounded up 25 bags that are both easy on the eyes and easy on your back.

We love the back panel that secures onto your suitcase handle, keeping it secure when rolling your bag.

Comes with a special slit so that you can charge on the go. 

A petite beauty for those who know how to travel light.

The staple brand of your youth meets one of the most sought-after labels of the decade. 

It's clear why this one's an Amazon best seller.

If you want to go for a shoulder bag, the back straps are detachable.

A water-resistant backpack is a must for your travels.

You'd never guess this deceptively sleek bag includes special compartments for your phone, laptop, keys, and even U-lock.

What's a travel backpack without adequate camera space?

This travel backpack is incredibly versatile! 

Another one with a built-in USB port.

This one's racked up 894 positive reviews.

This travel backpack is designed with a zippered shoe compartment. 

This one claims to have "unthinkable large capacity"—and we're certainly intrigued. 

Standout design feature? This one has an external USB that easily (and super-conveniently) charges your phone.

This crisp white travel backpack coordinates well your other luggage.

We'll gladly carry this backpack with us everywhere.

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