The 25 Best Backpacks to Buy Before Your Holiday Travels

Traveling can be stressful—plain and simple. But what's even more stressful (and hectic) is, you guessed it, traveling during the holidays, which will be here sooner than you think! Hoards upon hoards of people are trying to get to their destination, so airports are doubly crowded. As a result, TSA wait lines are even longer than usual. So while we wish it were possible to avoid airports altogether during this busy season, sometimes it's just impossible. But there are ways to make your holiday travels feel more bearable, and it starts with your accessories.

Keeping everything well organized and having all your important documents easily accessible are essential in getting through check-in and the TSA line hassle-free. A good passport wallet is a must-have, and a practical travel backpack makes all the difference, which you won't even realize until you've tried one.

There are a few important design features that make for a great travel backpack. First up? Lots of compartments to separate your liquids, electronics, and airplane snacks. Good back padding (and comfortable straps) are other important features that will make your travels much less painful—literally. And it doesn't get more convenient than having a backpack with an external USB port designed into it (yes, they really do exist, and you won't have to run to snatch up an open outlet anymore).

Ready to invest in a new travel backpack that will make your holiday travels much more hassle-free? We thought so. Ahead, shop 25 of the best ones on the market—you can thank us later. Until then, meet your new favorite airport companion!