The 25 Best Travel Makeup Bags to Take On Your Holiday Vacation

Have you ever opened up your suitcase after a long airplane ride only to find your pricey comestics—we're talking your lotions, foundations, face washes, etc.—have leaked and spilled onto your clothes? What a waste (and mess, of course). To avoid any such travel hiccups during your upcoming holiday travels, we suggest investing in a good travel makeup bag because not only does it prevent the aforementioned disasters, but it also keeps all of your go-to essentials in one organized place—and easily accessible once you reach your final destination.

Now, when shopping for a makeup bag safe for travel, we suggest making sure it has several key design elements. Does it have several different pockets and compartments? Great. Is it water-resistant? Awesome. And last but certainly not least, how is the size? Too large and it won't fit into your suitcase; too small and it won't hold much—but of course, the size also depends on your needs. If you consider yourself a makeup junkie, a bigger bag might be better suited for you. And if you really don't need much more than mascara and blush, then a more compact one should definitely suffice.

Ahead, we found all the best (and cutest) travel makeup bags for every budget. Read on to see and shop our picks ahead of your vacations, and say goodbye to any suitcase spills for good.