The Best Carry-On Bags Just in Time for Holiday Travel Season

Did you already book your quick holiday escape? Great. Now, as you count down the days for your trip, whether you chose a sunny destination or a cozy cabin retreat, you need to start figuring out the packing situation. Because whether you're a light traveler or you tend to overpack (no shame—a stylish girl needs options), carrying it all strategically is key. With this in mind, we've hunted down the best carry-on bags from Amazon so you don't have to. From best sellers to best rated, ahead, find a mix of duffel bags, backpacks, and classic wheeled luggage for all your holiday travel needs.

This bag will carry you through everything. 

Nothing looks more luxe than a leather duffle bag. 


You can't beat a classic black carry-on.

Charge your phone during your flight's layover. 


You can fit everything you brought (and souvenirs you've bought) in this carry-on. 

Booked an oceanside vacation? This nautical carry-on is for you.

Small but mighty. 

This carry-on will keep up when you're running late to your gate. 

One size fits all, literally. 

Shopped too much on your trip? This carry-on has you covered. 

Skip black in favor of this glossy blue hue.

This tote will save the day if your suitcase passed the max weight limit and you need to make it lighter. 

Love all things polka-dot? You'll love this carry-on too.

If you mastered the art of packing, this backpack is all that you need. 

You'll definitely be able to spot your bag at baggage claim.

For when your duffle gets too heavy, this carry-on also comes in handy.

Quilted denim for the win.

We love this vintage-inspired carry-on. 

Sleek and functional. 

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