Any Time Someone Compliments My Lips, It's Because of This Lipstick Equation

I definitely go through fits and phases when it comes to lipstick. Weirdly, I used to be obsessed with lipstick in high school and college—unflattering shades of pasty pink for the former and darker, borderline 90s-esque shades for the latter—before kind of petering out once I became of legal drinking age. Post-college, I began to glom onto low-maintenance tinted balms and stains, a propensity that continued even as I began my career in beauty. Even though I suddenly had access to a steady stream of lipstick from any and every brand, my stubborn case of lipstick fatigue didn’t budge, and I still preferred easy-breezy lippie options. Again, any product with the word “tinted” in it was completely my jam. Then, of course, came a worldwide pandemic, and mandated mask-wearing pretty much made lipsticks feel completely obsolete.



Of course, there are still a lot of unknowns and masks are still very much a thing right now, but after subsisting on a low-cal diet of lip products over the past few years, I’m finally ready to get back on the lipstick bandwagon, and honestly, I’ve been having so much fun. I still love my collection of balms, stains, and plumpers that enhance my natural lip color, but recently, I’ve been gravitating to bolder lipstick hues that are just a tad darker than my natural color to give me that “your-lips-but-better" vibe. I’ve even dabbled in red once or twice!

Funny thing though, because there is one lipstick and lip gloss combo I’ve been wearing more than any other recently, and whether it’s someone in real life (in an Aritzia dressing room, most recently) or online (so many DMs!) I’ve been getting a ton of questions. Never have I ever received so many compliments about what I’m wearing on my lips, so I thought I would pay homage to my go-to dynamic duo as of late, Tom Ford’s Lip Color Lipstick in Pussycat ($58), topped with a light coat of the brand’s Gloss Luxe Lip Gloss in Aura ($55).

Without a doubt, they’re both investment pieces, but now that the Pussycat + Aura equation has become my signature, I can’t seem to go without it. Color me obsessed with all things Tom Ford, but the rich lipstick formulas are truly on another level—beautifully pigmented and brimming with hydrating, gleam-inducing ingredients like Soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil.

Even though I’ve found my personal favorite shades, I thought it would be fun to reach out to Tom Ford HQ to see which shades the brand sells the most of. And it delivered! TF sent me ten of its most popular lipsticks and I went ahead and ranked them. Keep scrolling! Ten of the all-time best Tom Ford lipsticks are waiting for you below.

The Top 10 Best-Selling Tom Ford Lipsticks

#10: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Indian Rose

Indian Rose is a must-have for anyone who wants a subtle wash of warm pink on their pout. It's a true your-lips-but-better vibe.

#9: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Casablanca

Casablanca is a deep pink mauve that feels (and looks) expensive in that glamorous, Old Hollywood type of way. It's absolutely made for date night or a special night out with friends. 

#8: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Pink Dusk

This neutral pink beautifully enhances all skin and lip tones. It's one of those "you just can't go wrong" lipsticks equivalent to an LBD in versatility. 

#7: Tom Ford Lost Cherry Lip Color

This juicy lipstick inspired by the brand's Lost Cherry Private Blend fragrance is so many leagues above your ho-hum cherry chapstick. Swipe it and revel in its post-popsicle stain.

#6: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Impassioned

Ugh, I get giddy just looking at this rich lipstick color. I live for the cozy vibes of fall and winter (bring on all of berry- and plum-tinged makeup, please!), so this particular tube from Tom Ford is being added to my fall beauty wishlist, stat. Tom Ford HQ categorizes it as "a rich claret with brown undertones."

#5: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Night Mauve

Described as a warm brown nude, Night Mauve is the ultimate antidote if you've been pining after the fresh resurgence of 90s-inspired beauty trends. It's neutral and slightly pink enough to not feel dated.

#4: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Scarlet Rouge

This red-orange shade of red has quickly become a classic within the Tom Ford lipstick clan. If you're someone with warmer undertones, especially, consider it magic. Oh, and it also comes in matte!

#3: Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Lip Color

Just like its name so cheekily suggests, this lipstick is fabulous, and therefore it's no surprise it's one of the brand's consistent best-sellers. That said, it's not for the faint of heart considering the vinyl-like shine and vibrant shade of blue-red crimson. If you have cooler or neutral undertones, this just might be your soulmate.

#2: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Spanish Pink

From what I've been able to glean as a beauty editor (aka how many times I've seen celebrities, models, and makeup artists wax poetic on this particular shade), Spanish Pink is the color to wear if you're looking for a light, neutral pink with just a touch of peachiness. 

#1: Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in True Coral

Is it just me, or is coral so underrated? It's the ultimate compromise between red and orange, and while it's chic any time of the year, it just screams summer. Plus, this fan-favorite from Tom Ford has the added perk of reading deliciously retro. If you're not ready to enter full-on red mode, I highly recommend this stunning tube as your transition piece. 

Shop More of My All-Time Favorite Tom Ford Products

Enter my favorite Tom Ford perfume of all time. Bitter Peach is everything I want in a perfume, and it's become one of my most treasured beauty possessions ever since its 2020 launch. I have never smelled something so juicy, complex, and all-around addicting. It lingers and melts into your skin for a really warm and beautiful finish, but the mix of peach, davana (an aromatic herb native to India), and patchouli is so unique—I've never smelled anything like it. Please, just buy it. It will be the best thing you gift yourself maybe ever. Normally, I say fragrance and perfume are extremely subjective, but this bottle just might be the exception.

This iconic contour-and-highlight compact is known by editors, makeup artists, and celebrities as the best tool for creating a believably sculpted complexion. (It's all about that dreamy, creamy consistency!)

If you're someone who loves creamy and liquid eye shadows, this darkhorse pot has earned untouchable favoritism among beauty editors. It's my go-to when I have three minutes to get ready but need to look put-together.

This still newish foundation from Tom Ford is very expensive. But it houses cutting-edge ingredients and technology that essentially act like a blur tool for your face. It delivers medium to full coverage, and the finish is touted by the brand as a "soft-focus matte."

Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. The scent is controversial, as in you either love it or hate it, and I'm part of the latter team. I think it's especially addictive when it's burning. It's a rich and juicy yet creamy melding of black cherry accord, bitter almond, Griotte Sirup Scenttrek, Rose Absolute Orpur, Peru balsam, and Roasted Tonka Orpur that's a finishing touch for a cozy night in. 

I'm personally not someone who goes for earthy, woody, or more "masculine" scents, but perfume from Tom Ford got me and got me good. Notes from cypress, lemon, and oakwood will make you smell like you just came in from a hike in some kind of enchanted forest. It's a little rugged but pleasantly wearable. You'll love it more and more as it melts into your unique skin chemistry.

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