From Masks to Sweat to Margs, These Long-Lasting Lipsticks Pass Every Test

Did anyone else kind of forget what they looked like with lipstick on in the past year? Pre-COVID, I was a diehard lipstick girl. Glosses and oils? So not my thing. That said, with all of 2020's mask-wearing and staying in, I can count on one hand the number of times a lipstick bullet made physical contact with my pout. All of a sudden, I was dismissing my old lipstick standbys and replacing them with lighter, fresher takes via subtly pigmented, super hydrating lip formulas, instead.

Recently, however, I decided to pull out a tube of my all-time favorite lipstick (Kosas Weightless Lipstick in Vegas, $28, if you're curious!), and the experience was akin to a prince's long-awaited kiss waking me up from an extended slumber. Sure, stains, glosses, and balms have plenty of perks, but there is something so, so satisfying about a fresh, lipstick-inflicted paint job. 



Summer doesn't always align itself with lipstick wearing (sand, sun, sweat, sips, and whatnot), but as my beauty colleague Courtney Higgs likes to say, I think we've all earned a Hot Girl Summer this year, and for me, that includes lipstick! Of course, there will be certain rules and guidelines for my lippies of choice: Thou shalt not bleed, thou shalt not transfer onto my mask, and thou shall have long-lasting superpowers. Luckily, thanks to this upcoming crop of formulas, all of the above is 100% attainable. Keep scrolling! 20 of the best long-lasting lipsticks that are mask-, sweat-, marg, and seasonal-proof are just ahead. 

I'm still not over how stunning Vanessa Kirby's Golden Globe Awards beauty vibe was (see above!), and while her sky-high lashes gave her pout a run for its money, that perfect matte lip is the sole subject of my daydreams lately. Makeup artist Katey Denno exclusively used clean products on the actor, and to create that epic lip, she reached for this best-selling, long-lasting lipstick from Ilia. To achieve that specific shade of red, she actually mixed two hues from the brand: Rumba and Tango

While your color choice is limited, this liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills might just be the most budge-proof formula on the market. True story: The first time I ever swatched the shade Hot Pink on my wrist, it was tattooed there for almost three days despite showers, sweat, and makeup remover. It's strategically designed to feel completely weightless on your lips, and it's also handily transfer-proof so you don't have to worry about accidentally redecorating your favorite masks.

This creamy, impressively long-lasting liquid lipstick from Sephora Collection will go down in history as one of the best of all time. The crack- and bleed-proof formula not only delivers all-day full coverage, but it will also saturate your lips with much-need hydration thanks to luxe ingredients like avocado oil. It's a best seller for a reason, and I'm not sure if any other brand carries as many shade options. Pick your poison!

Organic, comfortable lipstick that's made with 100% clean solar energy? Yes, please! Lately, I can't get enough of my newest lipstick obsession, Highr Collective. The colors are highly flattering, the packaging couldn't be chicer (the tube even has a mirror for perfect, on-the-go application!), and the pigment has remarkable longevity. Meet your newest summer PIC.

If you're into ultra-luxe beauty products, it doesn't get much more elevated than Kjaer Weis's latest beauty innovation, Matte, Naturally Liquid Lipstick. Fun fact: It's actually the first certified organic matte liquid lipstick on the market, and it weightlessly veils your pout with a natural, believable-looking dose of color all day long—no touch-ups necessary!

I lovingly pronounced Kosas as one of my all-time favorite lipsticks recently, and while I adore the shade range, texture, and clean nutrient profile of each tube, the fact that it lasts and looks good for as long as I'm wearing it (and I've gone all night!) has to be one of its most lovable perks. 

Another brand that made my list? Charlotte Tilbury, of course! I don't know an editor, makeup artist, or celebrity who doesn't consider Tilbury's star collection of lipstick bullets must-have accessories in their beauty wardrobe. The colors are fab, and the beloved formula is highly long-lasting so you'll have extended playtime. If you're not typically a fan of mattes, try dipping your toe into this pick—it's matte but still hydrating and satiny enough not to make you feel like an extra in The Walking Dead. Everyone needs the cult-favorite shade Pillow Talk in their life, but So 90's is the best on-trend shade of nude brown right now. 

The name doesn't lie—this is a powerhouse of a long-lasting lipstick. The pigment payoff is ultra-rich and saturated (ahem, you only need one swipe for a satisfying hit of color!), and since it dries down instantly, you don't have to worry about any smudging or bleeding. Plus, the featherlight texture won't make your lips feel claustrophobic. 

Adorable packaging aside, there's nothing better than this waterproof, fluffy, practically weightless paint job from Beauty Bakerie. It won't budge no matter what you throw at it—even bottomless margs.

I know what you're thinking. "When on earth would I be wearing lipstick for 16 or more hours?!" The thing is, once summer rolls around, a breezy morning can roll around to an eventful afternoon which can roll around to an all-out night out. (I mean, hopefully soon, anyway!) This long-lasting matte lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup won't annihilate your bank account and it won't budge through any and all shenanigans you have planned this summer. 

My beauty PIC here at Who What Wear Courtney Higgs highly recommends these semi-matte lippies from clean beauty brand Rituel de Fille. The colors are beautiful and effortlessly punch-up your natural lip color with a pretty dose of pigment that stays in place. 

Suffice to say, the French (especially iconic makeup artist, Violette) know a thing or two about an effortlessly chic red lip. In very exciting news, the makeup artist just recently launched her very own beauty brand, and this epic lippie is divine. Apply it straight for a vibrant, velvet-matte finish, or feel free to apply then blot with a tissue for that quintessentially French blurred red lip effect. 

What's more satisfying than a two-for-one lipstick staple? We go bananas for anything and everything Chanel, but this dual-ended long-lasting lippie definitely needs a spot on your beauty wishlist. One end features a feather-proof, high-impact liquid lipstick and on the other end, you'll get a high-shine lip gloss. Wear them alone or layered on top of each other but either way, you'll get long-lasting coverage. 

Sorry, but masks are going to continue to be the norm for at least a while. That said, this long-wearing lipstick from Laura Gellar is so dependable in the no-bleed department, the packaging even goes as far as touting it mask-proof. Swipe it on, and mask up! 

According to Courtney, this smooth, satisfying liquid lipstick is "unreal" when it comes to its long-lasting wear. If you're into that "I woke up like this" blurred effect, you'll love this editor-approved fave. 

It's hard to find move-proof lipstick formulas that are made with clean, lip-loving ingredients. Lucky for you, we've worked hard to find the best natural alternatives in the industry that don't compromise in show-stopping pigment or stay-all-day durability. We try not to be biased, but it's really hard not to be biased toward this A+ formula from Johnny Concert. It's made with tons of delicious fares (like organic apricot, passion fruit, hemp seed, and evening primrose oils), it smells like vanilla cake batter, and it quickly dries down to a flattering, satiny-matte finish that keeps your lips looking soft and supple, not thirsty and chapped.

If you've ever wondered how French It-girl Jeanne Damas creates the ultimate, long-lasting lip look, you're looking at it! As the brand's founder, she's really outdone herself with these stunning gold compact quads which house four powder lipstick formulas. The shine-free finish is super versatile, so go nuts! Your lips, lids, and cheeks are beckoning.

The name says it all—makeup artists love this top-notch formula from Armani, and so do we! Give it one strategic sweep across your lips and it will attach with magnet-like magic for fuss-free wear all day long. 

It's hard to find a high-shine lipstick that offers a staying power strong enough to endure an evening of meals, bevvies, and anything else your night throws your lips way. The exception? This vinyl-inspired lip paint from YSL. It's chic, it's pint-sized, and it's one of our all-time favorites for creating A-list-level lip looks with an impressively long life span. 

Did we save the best for last? Maybe! If you're looking for an affordable, long-lasting lipstick that will feel and look ten times its actual price, we're beyond happy to introduce you to Maybelline's SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick. We're currently infatuated with their whimsical coffee line which, (yes, you guessed it!) smells like your favorite cafe order.