These 7 Hair Colors Will Be Everywhere This Summer, According to Experts

If this time every year you get an uncontrollable urge to completely switch up your hair color, you're not alone. With the end of summer approaching rapidly, embracing a change in shade is a natural yearning—especially if, like me, you've spent almost the entirety of lockdown mood-boarding hair inspiration on Pinterest. However, while summer tends to be the time that most of us start thinking about a change of hair color, the beaming sun can actually put our color and hair health at risk. If you’re planning to sit in the sunshine, Nikita Fisher, co-owner of Palmer Fisher London, has a brilliant piece of advice for protecting your hair (other than with a hat). "My top tip is to put conditioner in your hair whilst you are sunbathing just like you would put sunscreen on your skin to protect it," she says.

I'll admit the urge to embrace a new summer hair color has totally overtaken me, and I’ve booked my personal color revamp for early next month. So in my quest to find out the hottest summer hues, I quizzed some of the top colorists across the pond for their takes on the best summer hair colors. Keep scrolling to discover their most-requested hair shades of the summer so far and the products that you need to maintain your salon finish.

1. Playful Color Choices

From a hint of color to full-on vivid brights, experimental color is going to be more requested than ever—we're talking pink, purple, and pastel hues.

"Given the situation that we've been in, people are becoming ever more open to trying new things during their now much-awaited, highly anticipated hair appointments, and pastels can provide the perfect direction," says Paddy McDougall, Indola global ambassador. "They're always cool and so versatile, from fun vivid colors to something more muted and sophisticated, like a dusted pink."

This post-wash mask will maintain your hue between salon visits.

2. Shoreditch Summer Blonde

There's no denying that blonde is a key summer color, but there's a reason it crops up in so many summer color trends—because it's so highly requested.

"Blondes have had a real renaissance this year, and the color is becoming more versatile and nuanced to every individual," says Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel. "This summer, I'm really excited to see more golden, honey, and biscuit blondes coming through that are perfectly toned and natural-looking, offering a real shimmer and gloss in the summer sun.” 

The worst thing you can do when bleaching your hair is ruin it at home with a non-professional, stripping shampoo and conditioner. This range from L'Oréal Professionnel is recommended by top colorists and will keep your color looking and feeling fresh.

3. Natural and Neutral

In contrast to the playful pastel and vivid hues, there's a color camp that's sticking firmly to the palette of natural tones—something that Jason Cocking and Chris Baker from No 4 Theatre Square have noticed.

"We are finding clients are being more relaxed with their haircuts, such as the shag, and complementing with neutral blondes and browns. I think coming out of lockdown, people want to show their personality and be more unique, so with blondes, we are not seeing block silver so much but more shading and then same with darker tones. People want a more individual, bespoke look." 



Incorporating a post-wash, leave-in conditioner into your routine will maintain your hair's shine without weighing it down.

4. Balayage

Yes, balayage is still a huge summer hair color trend. Can you remember a time when it wasn't? "Unsurprisingly effortless, lived-in balayage and beautiful highlighted effects are going nowhere this summer, ranging from natural-feeling, sun-kissed to higher-impact, sun-drenched looks," says McDougall. "For this service, the area around the face is always crucial, and focus remains on creating the perfect face frame. Whether it's subtle minimalism or a high-impact '90s interpretation, this isn't going to change anytime soon—especially as the '70s Bardot fringe continues to gain traction."



Level up your balayage care routine with a night treatment. This serum will improve the appearance of dry hair or split ends if your return color appointment is long overdue.

5. Face-Framing Brunette



Adding dimension into brunette hues is a big summer color move according to Emma Simmons from Salon 54. "Brunettes will be on-trend with a combination of coffee tones ranging from deep espresso to soft latte, creating a multi-tonal dream for those with deeper hues," Simmons says. "Strategically placed, face-framing highlights around the front section will give that constant ring-light effect to the face."

Dry ends? After conditioning, apply a little of the nourishing oil to the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair to restore softness.

6. Golden Tones



"I think a lot of gold tones and sun-kissed looks will be huge trends this year," says Nikita Fisher. "People often shy away from warmer blonde tones, but when they are done right, they look incredible and with the right techniques can give a really gorgeous natural look that almost looks uncolored—which I think is really sought after. Colorists have massively upped their games in recent years, and the outcome of sun-kissed hair in the right hands can be really beautiful."

A lot of blonde shampoos err on the shade of retaining a silver, ashy vibe, knocking out warmth. This one from Fekkai helps keep blondes bright but doesn't alter the tone.

7. Lived-In Color

The lived-in color trend cuts the frequency of touch-ups in the same way that balayage does. Careful placement gives your hair a brighter summer feel but within your natural color range for a low-maintenance tweak. "Concentrating this around your parting is an instant boost," says Zoë Rees at Bliss Hair Therapy. "We all love to feel brighter for the summer and crave that sun-kissed feel, so what better way to give our hair a lift than adding a face frame? A subtle blonde reflects to brighten your complexion and flatter your sun-kissed tone."

If you've lightened your hair, use a keratin-based leave-in conditioner to strengthen your strands.

Other essential color-care products:

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