3 New Color Combinations You Probably Own But Haven't Tried Yet

I'll admit it: Wearing color intimidates me. Even though I do love wearing bright colors from time to time, I'm not so great at combining them and usually rely on the safety of my black accessories to offset it whenever I do break out my neutral shell. But seeing as summer is the perfect time to take a sartorial risk and have a little fun with wearing color, I'm taking it upon myself to highlight three fresh color combinations that have been popping up in the fashion world as of late.

We're all probably familiar with the biggest color trends of the moment like citrusy tangerine, buttery yellow, and ivory oatmeal, but with each new season also comes a new array of ways to combine these trending hues. To spotlight these fresh color trends and, well, make it easy on people like myself who want to create more eye-catching outfits, I've sourced three of these summer color combinations that deserve your attention. Chances are that the fixings for at least one of these rising combos are sitting in your closet right now and maybe you just needed the inspiration to spark your next outfit idea. So scroll down to see examples of these colorful looks and shop pieces to re-create them, too.

Lavender + Rose

new summer color combinations



It's hard to fail at wearing color when you do so with chic tailored separates.

new color combinations



Cozy loungewear is a great opportunity to play around with new color combos you might not experiment with in other areas of your style.

Tangerine + Brown

summer color combinations



Zingy tangerine hues are a refreshing addition to your summer wardrobe, and the easiest way to incorporate them is via a floaty summer dress. Ground the frock with a chocolate brown bag or brown sandals.

fresh summer color combinations



Brown trousers are a fairly common wardrobe staple, so try waking them up with a tangerine-colored top.

best summer color combinations



Ribbed knit dresses are one of our favorite micro-dress trends and an orange one only makes it feel that much fresher. Make it the centerpiece of your look and work in brown accessories alongside.

Lemon + Sea Salt

Shades of pale yellow feel very right now, and fashion girls are largely wearing the refreshing hue with crisp white and off-white shades of ivory.

A tank and trousers is a failsafe summer outfit combination and it looks even more current in this trending color combo.

I'd bet many of you have at least one white tank in your closet, so why not try it with yellow lounge shorts next?