20 Random Amazon Accessories I'm Eyeing to Complete My Summer Wardrobe

I think we can all agree that summer this year won't be the same. But just because I won't be doing all the same things I normally would be this time of year doesn't mean I'm not paying any attention to building out my summer wardrobe. Au contraire—I've been dreaming up all the cool outfit ideas I want to recreate over the next few months that are easy and comfortable to suit my new lifestyle (and also get my out of a sweatpants rut). Flowy house dresses, basic tanks and tees, and all the comfy shorts are a few of the things I'm wearing the most at the moment.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm putting in a bit less effort with my outfits than I normally do (when no one is there to see it, does it really matter?), which is why I have my eye on a number of accessories from Amazon that can quickly jazz up just about any summertime 'fit. I'm all about quick and easy updates to my wardrobe right now and think the below 20 sunglasses, necklaces, scrunchies, and socks are just the items to help me dress a little bit cooler this season.

Keep scrolling to take a look at all the summer accessories in my Amazon cart right now.

summer accessories from Amazon



This woven bag will make even the most mundane trips to the grocery store feel special.

Fact: So many great outfits start with a pair of gold hoops.

I think it's finally time to upgrade from my boring elastic hair ties.

summer accessories



I've been spotting this pretty bucket hat all over my Instagram feed.

This is probably the #1 accessory buy of the season if no the whole year.

I plan to layer up this fun-loving choker with my other gold necklaces.

Try and tell me a pair of cool sunglasses like these can't make an entire outfit.

There's so much to love about this little baguette bag, but especially the lemon color.

How to wear pearls in 2020: a crash course.

It's not truly summer if I'm not wearing an anklet.

The '90s are officially infiltrating sunglasses trends.

How pretty is this sunglasses chain?

Fashion girls everywhere are tying up printed scarves in their hair and I'm one of them.

Buying this so I never have a bad hair day again.

summer jewelry from Amazon



Another fun necklace that's just begging to be stacked.

If I'm going to wear a mask, it might as well be cute.

These just put all my plain socks to shame.

Yep, I'm still on a headband kick.