The Most Comfortable Sports Bras That Will Make You Actually Want to Work Out


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Whatever workout you do, you're going to need a sports bra that's both supportive and comfortable. In my opinion, I think the greatest sports bras out there are the ones that you kind of forget that you're wearing them (aka they don't feel too tight, too loose, and they're like a second skin). You can get a good workout in, push yourself, twist your body in different ways, and do your thing. Sweat sessions can be challenging as-is, so why do you need the added stress of wearing something that is uncomfortable?

Not all sports bras are the same, though. There are sports bras for high-intensity workouts where you need extra support because you're jumping, running, and moving quickly. There are bras that are extra moisture-wicking. And some are better for lower-intensity classes like Barre or yoga.


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The sports bras that are made for yoga can be softer and a little bit more comfortable than their high-impact counterparts. A lot of them are not as compressive and are a bit more breathable and non-restrictive, making them easier to move in for those tough, twisty poses in yoga. But they're still supportive enough for those challenging classes. I find that because these sports bras are extra comfy, I even wear them when I'm not working out and just lounging or running errands.

Below, we've listed some sports bra options for your next yoga class.

1. Lululemon Free to Be Elevated Bra

2. Amazon Essentials Racerback Bra

3. Outdoor Voices Zoom Crop Top

4. Girlfriend Collective Logan Strappy Bra

5. Zella Twist Around Renew Sports Bra

6. Live the Process Orion Color-Block Stretch Sports Bra

7. Live the Process Orion Color-Block Stretch Sports Bra

8. Alo Yoga Alosoft Lavish Bra

9. Athleta Solace Bra

10. FP Movement Square Neck Good Karma Bra

11. Lululemon Energy Longline Bra

12. Core 10 Studiotech Icon Series Scallop Bra

13. Splits59 Bianca Recycled Techflex Bra

14. Alo Yoga Airlift Intrigue Bra

15. Sweaty Betty Mindful Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

16. Girlfriend Collective Float Juliet Bralette

17. Natori Dynamic Contour Underwire Sports Bra

18. Year of Ours Robin Bra

19. Athleta Conscious Crop

20. All Access Front Row Cutout Mesh-Trimmed Stretch Sports Bra

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