The 25 Best High-Impact Sports Bras, According to Our Readers


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When you're caught up in the moment during a workout—doing your thing, reaching a personal record, nailing that cardio dance routine, getting those reps, etc.—the last thing you want to worry about is your boobs. You don't want to think that you can't go hard because they feel uncomfortable and unsupported or that they're going to fall out of your activewear. So what can you do?

Well, the right sports bra can really make a difference. And not all of them are created the same. There are options for low-intensity classes like yoga or barre, medium-support versions for jogging or cycling, and high-impact bras for those HIIT and boot camp classes or any intense cardio workout.

When it comes to choosing the right sports bra, we thought we'd poll our readers to see which high-impact ones were their go-tos. Shopping around for just about anything is so much easier when you've got some recommendations and reviews to back up your research. Take a look at their picks below.

1. Under Armour High Crossback Zip Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: I got my first zip-front sports bra recently, and it was clutch. Everything stayed in place, and when I was dead tired and ready to take a shower afterward, taking it off wasn't a struggle. This one from Under Armour has foam pads for coverage and support.

Review Highlight: "Finally found a sports bra that fits and has great support!" 

2. Outdoor Voice Venus Crop Top

Editor Highlight: Our readers are big fans of Outdoor Voices' activewear, and so are we. When you wear something from OV, you know you'll be able to move with abandon (and look good while you're at it). OV's sports bra offers full coverage and compression material.

Review Highlight: "I love this top for working out! I have a larger chest, and sometimes, it is hard to find a supportive sports bra that also has full coverage. "

3. Glamorise High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Glamorise's high-impact sports bra works well across the board in cup sizes B through H. It has an underwire for extra support and is made of moisture-wicking fabric with mesh. Plus, it has a three-column, five-row hook-and-eye back closure, so you can customize the fit and take it off easily.

Review Highlight: "Love this bra. The fit is fantastic. It is comfortable and supportive for all activities from yoga to running!"

4. Lululemon Energy Bra

Editor Highlight: So many of our readers said Lululemon's Energy bra was their favorite for high-intensity workouts. It features built-in cups to minimize bounce. And there's a hook-and-eye closure at the back to easily put on and take off. 

Review Highlight: "My favorite running and workout bra. I'm pretty voluptuous (34H), but I can run marathons in this bra!! No chafing and my chest looks good!"

5. Sweaty Betty Power Icon Running Bra

Editor Highlight: Another one of our favorite brands, Sweaty Betty, is also a reader favorite. The Power Icon sports bra features the right amount of compression to make sure everything stays in place while you're jumping, running, or doing burpees. The sweat-wicking fabric with mesh panels and padded shoulder straps adds even more comfort.

Review Highlight: "Loved this bra. It feels soft, it's comfortable, and the support is amazing. It looked great on too!" 

6. Athleta Conscious Crop Bra

Editor Highlight: This sleek fabric molds to your body so it fits comfortably and perfectly. It has an open mesh back for breathability.

Review Highlight: "I love Athleta's bra top. It has enough compression and support a sports bra is not needed for working out. The cup sizing is great; no side spillage to worry about. Get a few, you won't be disappointed!" 

7. Girlfriend Collective Topanga Halter Bra

Editor Highlight: Our readers also listed Girlfriend Collective's sports bras as go-tos. The high neck gives extra coverage, while the adjustable straps make it easy for you to customize based on comfort. And if you don't know, Girlfriend Collective's activewear is made from recycled materials—old water bottles, in fact.

Review Highlight: "Out of all of the GC bras that I have tried so far, the Topanga is my absolute favorite. The amount of coverage and support is perfect for yoga and low to medium-intensity workouts. The cut is elegant, and the ivory color is gorgeous and matches everything. I already have another Topanga bra in moss, but I am still tempted to get another one!" 

8. Nike Dri-Fit Bold Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: For extra support, this sweat-wicking sports bra has padded cups. The straps are adjustable, too.

Review Highlight: "I am so picky about bras, but this has to be the best one I have ever had. It’s so comfortable, and it is worth every single penny."

9. Enell Full Figure High Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: One reader told us that Enell's sports bras were perfect if you've got a bigger chest because they have extra back support. This one is wire-free but has a compression fit that leaves you covered.

Review Highlight: "I needed a compression bra for after surgery, and I think this will do nicely. I wear 48DDD and ordered a six according to the measurements chart, but it was a little too small for me. The replacement, a size seven, was perfect. It is very sturdy and well-made."

10. Under Armour Infinity High Heather Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: The padding in this bra is a figure-eight pattern for a lighter feel and aerodynamic fit. It has mesh panels for breathability and an easy hook-and-eye closure.

Review Highlight: "Very comfortable. I have never found a sports bra that I've liked until now! Easy to put on, too."

11. Brooks Dare Racerback Bra

Editor Highlight: Brooks is another reader favorite. You can customize this bra to fit your body just so—it has an adjustable bottom band and straps.

Review Highlight: "I am writing this review because it is so hard to find 32DD bras that hold up. This is great for all activities from cycling to yoga!"

12. FP Movement Make a Move Bra

Editor Highlight: The cool thing about this bra is that it is ultra customizable. It's got removable padding, adjustable straps, and an underbust band. It's kind of like you got a bra tailored just for you.

Review Highlight: "Good sports bra for running or high-impact activity. Runs small but is adjustable. Is very hard to clasp but overall cute, comfortable, and supportive."

13. Adidas Impact Luxe High-Support Zip Bra

Editor Highlight: Not only are the straps on this sports adjustable, but they're also in a crisscross design for extra support. 

Review Highlight: "They provide the required support to allow me to do my high-intensity exercises. I ordered a size up, and it fits perfectly. I love the color!"

14. Panache Ultimate High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Another good option for extra support if you've got a bigger bust, Panache's underwire sports bra reduces bounce by 83%. It has adjustable straps and can even convert to a racerback if that's more your style. 

Review Highlight: "Way more flattering than other sports bras. Really comfortable. Best sports bra I ever had." 

15. Nike Alpha High-Support Padded Adjustable Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: You don't have to worry about sweating in this sports bra—it dries quickly. There's an overlay across the chest to minimize bounce and provide an extra layer of support.

Review Highlight: "I am so happy with the purchase. The bra is greatly padded, offering full coverage. A great bra for an intensive workout." 

16. Reebok PureMove Bra

Editor Highlight: Okay, I don't think I've ever seen a sports bra this high-tech before. It has Motion Sense technology, which firms up during high-impact workouts and loosens during low-impact ones. It has convertible straps and a hook-and-eye closure.

Review Highlight: "Very supportive, it doesn't move much during high impact movement. But the rigidity makes it a bit difficult to put on, which is something to consider if you have broader shoulders. All in all, it is still one of the better bras I've used, as I prefer as little movement as possible." 

17. CW-X Xtra Support High Impact Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: This bra is constructed with mesh webbing built into its cups to minimize bounce. The elastic band keeps everything snug, while the adjustable hook-and-eye closure lets you customize your fit.

Review Highlight: "I have done multi-day staged races wearing CW-X brand. I have been on a quest to find other brand sports bras that fit the bill in terms of no bounce, no chaffing, and comfortable compression—no other one has. I am a 36D, and my babies don't bounce when wearing this bra. There can be some chaffing along straps depending on mileage, but I always wipe my chaffing spots down with anti-chaffe butter, and that solves the problem. Sweat and mileage. Easy to get in and out of when sweaty."

18. Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra

Editor Highlight: Wacoal is another great option for people with bigger busts. The moisture-wicking bra features an outside underwire frame to prevent chafing plus adjustable shoulder straps and a mesh back for breathability.

Review Highlight: "This is marketed as a sports bra, but it's so comfortable I just wear it as an everyday bra! The underwire is on top of a layer of fabric instead of inside it, so there is way less pinching, but no issue with the 'uni-boob' look that comes with more traditional sports bras. I'm fairly well-endowed, so the size range is great, and it does a great job holding things in place."

19. Adidas TLRD Impact Training High-Support Bra

Editor Highlight: Made of smooth fabric that feels cool to the touch, this piece from Adidas is so comfortable and supportive. The wide, padded straps also distribute weight evenly and don't feel too restricting.

Review Highlight: "Material is soft and light. I never feel that I am wearing it. I don't have to keep adjusting it between workouts. It stays in place throughout. Supports heavy chest very easily and fits perfectly well."

20. Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Champion's a classic activewear brand, so of course, it made our list of reader favorites. It has molded cups to shape and support your body. The gel-cushioned straps, sweat-wicking fabric, and adjustable hook-and-eye closure ensure you're as comfortable as can be.

Review Highlight: "Super comfortable. The band is comfortable, and the adjustable straps are comfortable and fit well, too. The cup material is thick enough so the ol' headlights don't show but not so thick that they feel too padded or lumpy. Great bra."

21. Spanx High Impact Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: If you're an avid runner, this bra's for you since it's specially designed for that workout. It has just enough compression and stretch, which is perfect for even the longest runs.

Review Highlight: "I am a 32F bra size and felt well-supported during jumping exercises and running. Highly recommend."

22. Pink Seamless Air High-Impact Bra

Editor Highlight: Pink's Seamless Air High-Impact sports bra features lightly lined cups for support and adjustable back straps for comfort.

Review Highlight: "Love this bra! It seems to be very comfortable, and I love how the mesh lining is breathable! I will be getting more." 

23. Heathyoga High Impact Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Heathyoga's padded sports bra has a breathable mesh layer and a seam-free construction.

Review Highlight: "This is the best workout bra ever! I'm 60, and I've tried many bras since I began my workouts in my 20s. Trust my experience: this is the ultimate!! It's extremely soft: the fabric, the pads, as slipping it on over my head and moving it into place is so comfy. This fabric makes you feel pampered instead of feeling punished in a typical tortuous workout bra. But don't be fooled by the comfort: it supports beautifully. From now on, this is the only one for me."

24. Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Shefit's sports bra was another hands-down favorite with our readers. It's 100% customizable. The adjustable straps lift and support, and you can configure it as an X- or H-back. The bust band can be tightened or loosened, and the zipper locks in for protection. To put it simply, you'll be extra covered with this one.

Review Highlight: "Honestly, the best sports bra ever! Holds everything in place. Perfect for running and or any type of HIIT workout. It’s like a custom-fit bra. You can adjust the straps and make it as tight or loose as you want. Once you try this bra, it’s impossible to go back to anything else."

25. Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

Editor Highlight: Knix's Catalyst sports bra is available in almost all cup sizes. It goes up to a G-cup. It's specifically designed for high-impact workouts with molded cups to reduce movement. The brand says it might feel a bit tight when you first put it on, but it will eventually mold and relax to your body as you move.

Review Highlight: "I have never had a bra made so well. It is very comfortable and fits well. I plan to take good care of it and, in the future, get a couple more."

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